Minimon: Adventure of Minions

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In short

Minimon: Adventure of Minions is a free Android app game from TFJoy Limited. It is a great way to control minions.


It's a fun additive game with a ton of little minions to collect

Adventures fun action all the thing that you want for a game

Fun all around monster battle RPG

What makes this game awesome are the VIP system

I realy like the game it so simple to control the minions and love it

Pretty solid pet battling app game

I like the innovation the game brings with the awakening feature

A great balance of everything

Its a fun game that I can play for awhile without getting bored

Great game with much potential

Only see movie start got kicked out to main screen


A LEGEND AWAKENS… The once peaceful and harmonious homeland of Minimons is being threatened by dark forces. Its inhabitants are overcome with madness except for one small Tribe in the West: The Doo-Doo Tribe. An ancient magic scroll has fallen into the hands of Enkobo, the Guardian of the Doo-Doo Tribe, containing a spell to summon the mighty dragon Orochi. Enkobo’s quest is clear. He must travel the world to unravel the secrets of the summoning spell. Time is running out, the Darkness is coming closer, Orochi must be summoned. Experience a story where you have an important role to play, a legendary tale awaits you in the lush forests, fiery mountains and restless oceans of Minimon! Warning: the following features might cause a mild addiction to this magical world! = STORY DRIVEN ACTION RPG = Join Enkobo on his quest to summon the mythical monster. During your journey you will encounter many cute Cyclops-like creatures called “minions”. Recruit these mythical creatures to join your team and fight your way through thrilling battles and epic World Boss Fights! Scavenge loot, equip new items and collect minions to summon the Mythical Minion. = STRATEGIC BATTLE SYSTEM = Awaken your minions in battle to unleash their full potential Every minion has 4+ skills and their own unique talent tree Customize your team to get an edge on your competition! = 50+ UNIQUE MINIONS = Collect, upgrade and nurture your minions and become master of the elements Create a team of Tanks, All-rounds, Specialists and DPS Play to Win! = INTENSE WORLD-WIDE PVP BATTLES = Join the biggest arena battles for eternal glory and reach the top of the leaderboards Receive glorious rewards for participating in weekly events Awaken your minions to 5+ stars! = COLLECT MYTHICAL ITEMS = Empower your minions with mythical items Collect Dragon Rings, Moonstones, Demon Skulls and Sunstones Disenchant items to receive powerful magicka! = PARTICIPATE IN MASSIVE GUILD CLASHES = Discuss your strategy in the guild chat and defeat the legendary monsters Collect buffs and raid the Outlands A great social experience! Are you ready for an epic role playing adventure? FROM GAMERS, BY GAMERS, FOR GAMERS We are passionate about role playing games. We support our community with real time customer support in 6 different languages (German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish and English). If you have any questions, feedback or simply want to stay up-to date with Minimon write us at: We care about providing the best and most epic gaming experience! Additionally, a network connection is required to enjoy Minimon.

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