Mixing Station XM32 Pro

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In short

Mixing Station XM32 Pro is an Android ipad app from davidgiga1993. It is a great way to make custom layouts.


Absolutely brilliant app for controlling the X32

Thank you for supporting us android users with a behringer console

Much much better than stock apps

If you own a x32 or m32 dont hesitate to buy this app

Having this app able to make custom layouts

I love the ability to edit layer sizes and channels

Works flawless and irreplaceable in my x32 rack setup

Love the ability to customize layers

I still love the x32 rack it was so worth the money

Only thing I can use with the amazing mixing board

Console update delay is nonexistent

Developer tried to resolve but ultimately says its androids fault

The iOS version pales in comparison as the PC version is a joke

It makes the iPad app look ridiculous and stupid

The official app sucks compared to this app

It blows the Official app out of the water


Control your Behringer X32 / Midas M32 mixer with your smartphone or tablet. Features: - RTA overlay in PEQ /GEQ view - RTA averaging - Level timeline for gate and dynamics - Peak hold for all meters with changeable hold time - Peq preview in channel strip - Feedback detection - High contrast mode for outdoor usage - Popgroups - Routing Matrix - Limit access to only one monitor mix (with password protection) - Supports all firmwares starting from version 1.15! - Create unlimited DCA groups (IDCAs) - Customizable layers, channel order and mutegroup labels - Up to 32 channels visible channels per layer - Channel move and batch copy - Access to presets, scenes, cues and snippets - Runs on smartphones and tablets - Direct email support - Much more :-) Compatible mixer: - X32, X32 Producer, X32 Compact, X32 Rack, X32 Core, M32

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