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In short

Movie Collection + Inventory is an Android movie collection app from Metosphere. It is suitable for developers and movie lovers. It is a great way to organize movies.


This is the best so far at listing my modest film collection


Easy to use great tool to keep movie collection in order

This is great for Movie collections

Allows quickly scanning of your movie collection

Thanks for a great set of collections apps

I bought the pay version to show my support as it is well worth it

I love the easy to use backup system

Takes time if you have a big collection but it's worth it

Barcode scanner and attached database are fantastic

Which has an incomprehensible sort of the movies

Does not show file pictures of tube movie being saved

And it randomly opens a web browser when clicking on the tools tab

The search function is terrible

I got a new phone and then this app started trippin

Not a good app for sewing patterns out there

And the multiples should not count in the overall total

So I am not aware if it has the same problem

Grumpier Old Men is listed before Grumpy Old Men alphabetically

Was so tired of buying the same movies when I already had them


Movie Collection + Inventory Do you own a lot of movies? Do you have trouble keeping track of all your DVDs and Blu-ray discs? Movie buffs, keep track of your collection with this organizer. Manage your Blu-ray and DVD catalog along with your personal ratings and notes. Check which movies you already own while you're out shopping so you won't accidentally buy a DVD or Blu-ray disc you already own. Track additional information like loaned out status, location, number of times watched, etc.

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