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In short

NotateMe is a music notation app for Android made by Neuratron Ltd. This is a great app for developers. It helps to write muusic.


This app is amazing for music composition

A very clever app for music composition

It saves so much time writing and printing arrangements

In my mind this is the best music notation app on the market

Stylus pen on my Galaxy Note 4 works like a charm

Works brilliantly on the galaxy note pro 12

Awesome customer service

I'm really glad the handwriting overlay is optional

It's well worth the hefty price tag

Thank you for creating this app

The app still doesn't recognize even a simple quarter note

Photo score doesn't work on lollipop nexus 10

I can't input chinese lyric and the chord input steps is inconvenient

Some editing functions are very shaky

I thought the handwriting recognition would NEVER WORK

Notation recognition is very poor

You can't create or print single parts of a piece

Ended going back to pen and paper and done in 20 mins

My worst buy for many years

It just stopped working altogether


** Top 10 Music App in 32 countries ** Ground-breaking music composition and music notation software from Neuratron with handwriting recognition. - Featuring powerful handwritten music recognition - quickly and accurately enter music notation with your finger or stylus, on a tablet or smartphone. - Write music on the train, in a plane, by a lake, or just sitting comfortably on your sofa! - Simple, intuitive interface with little to distract you from your creativity - similar to writing with pen and paper, but with instant playback, editing and a printable score at the end! - Write music notation for solo instruments (including voice and piano), drums or ensembles from string quartets and choirs to full orchestral scores. Includes support for transposing instruments. - PhotoScore Add-In (In-App Purchase): Take photos of printed sheet music with your device's camera, so you can play back and edit them with NotateMe! Recognises 5-line staves and most markings including chords, flags, beams, rests, accidentals, articulation marks, clefs, key signatures, time signatures, tuplets, slurs, ties, hairpins and text including lyrics, dynamics and instrument names. - Email PDF, MusicXML and MIDI files of your scores to friends or other musicians. Open in Sibelius, Finale and other desktop software. Print to paper (requires free PDF printing app to be installed). - Import and edit MusicXML files (most music symbols supported). - Automatically sync your scores to Dropbox so you can edit them on your phone whilst you are out, and then on your tablet when you get back. - Great when learning or teaching music notation. - NotateMe recognises a wide range of music notation symbols, including notes (with solid, open, and slanted noteheads), flags, beams (even cross-staff*), leger lines, multiple voices per staff, chords, rests, accidentals (natural, sharp, double sharp & flat), articulation marks, augmentation dots, ties, slurs, hairpins, clef changes, key signatures. Barlines, clefs, time signatures and tuplets are added automatically. - Drag and drop (or set selected drawings to) further music symbols including cross noteheads, pedal markings, ornaments and appoggiatura. - Add chord-symbols, dynamics, technique, tempo changes and lyrics to your score. Write comments or ideas in 'red pen'. - If NotateMe doesn’t recognise your style immediately, keep at it, as it will adjust. Leave clear space between symbols and make markings clearer with further strokes if any transcription errors occur. If you experience problems, tap 'Help Improve NotateMe' from the Export menu and we will analyze your handwriting to help us improve NotateMe further. * Cross-staff beaming requires a display taller than 3.8 inches DEVICE REQUIREMENTS MINIMUM: Compatible devices include Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, HTC One Android - v4.0.3 and up Processor - 1GHz Single Core Memory - 1GB RAM Screen size - 4 inches diagonal Resolution - 960 x 640 Writing implement - Finger or Capacitive stylus PhotoScore Add-In: 4MP rear facing camera with auto-focus. Good lighting conditions. Note: It may take a short while for you to become accustomed to aligning parts of musical symbols when writing using a finger, particularly on a smaller screen. RECOMMENDED: Compatible devices include Samsung Galaxy Note, Note II, Note 3, Note 8, Note 10.1, Tab 2 10.1, Tab 3 10.1, Google Nexus 7, Nexus 10, Asus Transformer TF700, bq Curie 2 Android - v4.0.3 and up Processor - 1.4 GHz Dual Core Memory - 2GB RAM Screen size - 5.3 inches diagonal Resolution - 1280 x 800 Writing implement - Capacitive stylus or S-Pen PhotoScore Add-In: 8MP rear facing camera with auto-focus. Good lighting conditions.

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