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In short

NPR One is a free podcast app for Android made by NPR. This is a great app for radio listeners. It helps to have alarm setting.


Best interface and design of podcast app on Google play

My personal favorite is the NPR Politics podcast

It's quite nice to get local station news and podcasts

Awesome app that allows you to listen to the news at your own pace

I would love to rely on this app for my local AND national news

I would LOVE to have an alarm setting

Wish it was easier to play live radio stations within the app

Preference learning is also a boon

Great way to listen to a quick news report and the interface is great

Tried many radio apps and this has been by far the best I've found

This a broken app that does not work for older podcasts

A disappointing replacement for the podcast feeds they killed off

Also the Google Cast functionality is pretty clunky

There is no option to download podcasts to listen to off line

The update won't load on my Google Pixel

The scrub bar stops working and the playback restarts

Doesn't display media info properly on bluetooth

It spams my screen connection errors even though it's playing

No variable speed playback

Please bring back the Wait Wait Don't Tell Me app


NPR One is a whole new way to listen to stories, shows, and podcasts from NPR and your local public radio station. It’s public radio made personal. A handcrafted experience. NPR One starts with the latest headlines then moves to a flow of stories that matter - narratives that increase your understanding, create connections, enrich your life and enliven your mind. All thoughtfully curated by hand, every day. Always learning from you. Just pop in your ear buds, tap your phone and NPR One starts flowing. And NPR One gets to know you. Skip what you don't want, or tap the lightbulb to say a story is interesting. We'll turn NPR One into your own personal radio station. Love to listen on the go? Get the most out of NPR One with Android Auto and Android Wear . Skip, pause, and search at a glance without even touching your phone. Staying at home? You can Chromecast NPR One to your TV or Cast for Audio devices. Personal, not prescriptive. Though your stream is personalized to deliver the stories you want, you’ll still hear the top news of the day and the stories you had no idea would captivate you. Connected locally. Even with the breadth of public radio at your fingertips, you won’t lose touch at home. Local news is woven seamlessly into your listening experience. Local stories, locally reported, are delivered daily. Community is everything. Features • A personalized stream of NPR and local station news and stories • Skip, rewind, pause and share • Search for your favorite shows, programs and podcasts • International, national, regional and local content • A simple, intuitive interface • Sleep timer with five presets It’s simple. It’s intuitive. It’s there for you. (Wherever ‘there’ is.) As fast as the world is changing the way it listens to public radio, NPR One is changing the way we deliver it. NPR is here to deliver the public radio experience wherever you are. Whenever you can connect. Here we go. It’s NPR One .

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