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In short

Podcast App is a free podcast app for Android made by Castify. This is a great app for people. It helps to listen to podcasts.


The best podcast app I have ever used

The best podcast app I have used in the last ten years

Great app for people who love listening to podcast

The podcast app is a great app to download

Excellent app to listen to your podcasts

Great app for podcasts without all the fat

This app provides all of the great podcasts I like

This app has a huge array of podcast

It's good for audio podcast

And they help me not missed any podcast or important news

So badly designed I couldn't even figure out how to add a podcast

It kept making my phone freeze

Says I have poor or no internet connection

I'm getting a poor connection error


Podcasty is a new Android podcatcher made with simplicity in mind. Listen to the best podcasts such as NPR, BBC, and countless others. No ads. Over 300,000 shows, and millions of episodes to choose from. Unique features such as Shake-To-Play/Pause. Option to auto play when you plug in a particular bluetooth device or headset. Setup a time to start playing your queue. Could Based , so your phone/tablet need not to do the heavy lifting. Progress Positions Saving : resumes your play progresses and positions. Variable Speed Playback from 0.1x to 4.0x. Sleep Timer , helps you fall asleep listening to your favorite podcast Quick Queue , a playlist that is seamless and intuitive. It auto plays the next episode and removes it upon completion. Also reorders easily with drag and drop. Cast support: on Chromecast 1 & 2, Chromecast Ultra Discovery of Podcasts made simple , search or browse by networks, categories, or languages. Extensive Database of new and old podcasts. Server updated constantly for new podcasts. If a feed is not in the system, you can import your own with a RSS url or OPML file. Custom Themes , choose from a variety of colors. Sync across all your Android devices: sign in with your Google account or username/email Auto-Download , can set how my episodes to auto download. Option to download only when on WIFI Continuous Play through what you queued up. *This app does not host the actual content sources, it only hosts the metadata for the feeds. Therefore if something is not playing please contact their respective publishers. There are links provided within the app for users to reach the sources.

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