Potion Punch

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In short

Potion Punch is a free Android pace game from Monstronauts Inc. It is a great way to pass time.


Good time killer like Dinner Dash

Great game to kill time

Great for passing the time

And great time killer

Get addicted and time killer

I love its traditional time management style but with a twist

The Best Mobile Time Management I've ever played

But it's a fun way to zone out and kill some time

Challenging but fun at the same time

A very fun game which encompasses lots of colour mixing

Fix it please and I will give a better rating

They need to fix this


Run and grow your own potion shop like a real boss in the most colorful time-management game ever! MIX COLORFUL POTIONS When we say colorful, we mean it quite literally. Through clever mixing and matching, master color theory and concoct potions that span the color spectrum! COOK EXOTIC SNACKS You won't find these dishes anywhere in the world! Stock up on tasty Geckos, Mandragora Roots, and Dragon Meat that are oh so yummy to the tummy! SERVE CRAZY CUSTOMERS What do Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, and Goblins have in common? They're all crazy for potions, that's what! Keep an eye out for self-important characters such as Mayor Polly T. Sean and Prospector Boar O'Mear. UPGRADE YOUR SHOP Set up shop in 7 unique locations across the land - from the cheery Starluck Village to the majestic Emberlion Kingdom! Get better equipment and pimp up your shop with furniture and decorations to keep weary travellers happy. BE THE ULTIMATE POTION-MAKER What are you waiting for? These potions won't make themselves! Play Potion Punch and have FUN for FREE today. FEATURES: • Color-based gameplay (loosely based on color theory) • An endless array of potion possibilities created through a combination of essences, gels, garnishes, and spell runes • A variety of customers of different races with different tastes • Special VIP customers and personalities • 7 unique locations • Hundreds of upgrades • Hours of FUN! Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for the latest news. Twitter: @MonstronautsInc Facebook: NOTES: • This game features advertisements • This game may be difficult for those with impaired color vision. We are researching on ways to make the game universally playable for different types of color blindness. Please bear with us as we work on this feature. Thank You! OPTIONAL STORAGE PERMISSIONS: • You may get a permission request asking for access to photos, media, and files on your device. The game needs this permission to access your device's external storage and ensure that your progress is properly saved. • This access permission is optional for most devices, but nevertheless, we recommend that you grant this permission to avoid possible problems or loss of save data.

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