Q Avatar (Avatar Maker)

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In short

Q Avatar (Avatar Maker) is a free Android app from Pocket-Studio. It is a great way to make own hair.


The creators made it SOOOOOO KAWAII I LUV IT

This is perfect for making my UnderTale OCs pixelated

I love this you get to make your own Characters witch is very cool

It's a pretty good avatar maker

I can finally make pixel art such as Undertale

I love making avatars

I will always have custom avatars lol

Thank you for making this app

I love to make my own hair and clothes

Keep up the great work so cute



Q Avatar(Avatar Icon Maker) Here you are. You have found the most unique avatar icon maker(Q Avatar) so far in Android world. Have you ever sought a unique icon to set as your Phone/Twitter/Facebook/... avatar? You may ask your friend who happens to be an artist for help. But what he (or she) produces may not be what you want. You may take a photo of yourself and crop it as your icon but it is boring. It is not cool. But now you can take the direct way, your own way. With Avatar Icon Maker, you can paint the avatar icon easily. It will be very fun to draw an avatar by oneself without any bit of pain. Q Avatar have more 3000 parts of an avatar grouped as avatar parts such as 'eye', 'nose', etc. You can choose and replace anyone very easily. You can save the avatar to the SD Card and you can navigate through your work. In the navigate page, you can choose one and set as Contact avatar or share with friends with Twitter/Email/Facebook. 1 You can use the parts from the default gallery, which is very rich, to compose your avatar in a few seconds. 2 You make your own customized pixel parts and then use in your avatar composing process. 3 You can use the avatar you made to make personalized messages, just like a comic strip, but with just a little finger clicks. 4 You can make pixel GIF. 5 You can use your avatar to make customized message, much powerful than simple emoji. 6 You can easily share your avatar, personalized messages, GIFs very easily with your friends. 7 You can explore the works uploaded by other users. There are millions. Enjoy!

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