Quick Logic Puzzles

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In short

Quick Logic Puzzles is a free logic game for Android created by Egghead Games. And this is a perfect way to pass time.


I love doing these quick puzzles while I'm waiting for the bus

It's the most enjoyable logic game I have ever play

Love this app and the different difficulty levels

I've really enjoyed playing the daily puzzles

Thanks for keeping my brain sharp

A great way to pass the time

I adore logic puzzles

I appreciate the differing difficulty levels

Worth buying packs as you play

I've bought most of the puzzle packs and enjoy them very much

Would also prefer an option to sort so unsolved ones come up next

What is that distracting creepy ticking noise on keypresses

Only to find that the time displayed is so small I can't read it

Too many hoops to jump through to open the app

Hating new novice mode

Very dishonest of you to sell extra games like this don't you think

Did not like new look at all

Waste of a good possibility

If I cared to spend the money it isn't very expensive

Much preferred the old page


A logic grid puzzle with a twist! Small logic problems use the same principles as larger puzzles, but are faster to complete and work well on phone screens. One free puzzle every day, or buy a volume of puzzles if you can't wait! No ads, no popups, no nags, no interruptions. Great for new players and children, or seasoned players who want a quick game. As well as a free puzzle every day, this fully functioning version has thirty-five graded puzzles included and no ads. As always, there is no guessing required, just logic. Smart Hints suggest a new square and explain which clue applies and why, based on your current solution (internet access required). Solve these puzzles to keep your brain sharp! Logic Puzzles are popular preparation for the GMAT Logical Reasoning sections and similar deductive exams. Optimized for screens instead of paper, this modern solver has smart hints, multi-level Undo and Auto-X features to make it easier and quicker to focus on the logic. Keep short notes along with the puzzle to help you make your way to the solution. If you're completely stuck, you have the ability to check the grid for errors or get a hint. There are thirty five puzzles included to get you started. Each logic puzzle includes statistics for its average completion time. See how your time compares! Every five puzzles are grouped together with their own background story. Each group has a range of puzzles that get progressively harder. Additional volumes are available for in-app purchase and more will be added regularly. Quality software by Egghead Games. Contact us with questions at: Facebook: Email: All the puzzles have validated difficulty levels and times aggregated from the popular Puzzle Baron websites. His family of web sites have served millions and millions of puzzle enthusiasts since 2006.

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