Rainy Days

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In short

Rainy Days is a free radar app for Android created by Hugo Visser. It can be recommended to motorcycle riders and people. And this is a perfect way to go for walk.


I recommend this app to people new and old to Android

Helps to predict future

This is my favorite radar app

Great tool to see what rain is on it's way

Well worth using if you're about to go for a walk

Love checking storms as they come in

The swipe feature is great

Y favourite weather app

Must have for all motorcycle riders

Better than local weather stations

Why does this app need access to pics and media files on my phone

If there is no network connection it doesn't crash

Now only get network errors

Gives old cloud forcast but not current

Can no longer get any weather information

It shows inaccurate results

Not worked on my android tab since last update

Even after the latest update that was supposed to fix it

Even latest crashes on startup

The new version not as good as old


If you have questions, problems, feedback, please USE EMAIL to contact me. Rainy Days shows you weather radar doppler images from buienradar, meteox, vaderradar, eumetsat and nws using Google Maps. You can zoom in, pan and search for locations. Be your own weather man with Rainy Days: see how storms are moving to see if they are heading for you. Coverage: Europe, Iceland, Scandinavia, USA incl Alaska, Canada, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, Africa, Australia Note: shows rain (radar reflectivity), not clouds! If something is not working on your device, please send me an email, adding a comment doesn't give me enough information to fix any bugs! Join the Rainy Days Beta community on Google Plus to try out the latest updates before they go out: Permissions that you are prompted for: * Photos/Media/Files - for storing map data on external storage * Location - To show your location on the map * In-app purchases - for upgrading without advertisements if you like

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