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In short

SaveMyTime - Time Tracker is a free app for Android created by Save My Time. And this is a perfect way to manage time.


Great app for tracking your time simple and easy to use

Nice app to track your time

Easy to use time tracking app

Best time tracker out there and perfectly fits my needs

Perfect application to manage time with great UI

Really helps you realize where to allocate more time

A great way to track how you spend your time

Helps me keep track of my time

Simple time managing system that takes no time away

Great way for me to figure out where I am spending my time

And didn't even tracked my time for many hrs in between

I have been trying to edit the colour but nothing worked

The phone screen turns on and stays on until an activity is selected

I'm going to leave it as one star until I get an answer or fix


Forget about time tracking manually. Average human being checks phone every 8 minutes, around 120 times a day. Save My Time is taking advantage of this habit. App replaces your standard lock screen and every couple minutes asks what you have been doing. Check your statistics Save My Time – Time Tracker handles analysis and lets you to: + Learn how much time you invest in productive activities and how much time is wasted e.g. on commuting. + Check your work-life balance for different time spans – daily/weekly/monthly/yearly. Customization - adjust Save My Time to your needs: + Customize names, colors and icons of your activities to track whatever you need. + Add up to nine activities. Settings – track time as you like. + Set how often Save My Time should replace your lock screen. + Turn tracking off when you don’t need it.

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