Time Planner - Schedule, To-Do List, Time Tracker

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In short

Time Planner - Schedule, To-Do List, Time Tracker is a free time management app for Android created by Oleksandr Albul. It can be recommended to adhd users and others. And this is a perfect way to customize font.


This is the best time planner app ever that I have seen

Its so customizable with many ways to track time thru reminders

Such a great time tracker

It's awesome time management app

I would love to see a widget for Android phones

This helped me make use of my free time

I think its good if you've lots of time to dedicate to it

There is a bit of a learning curve to it

Great app for ADHD users

Easy to use and filled with great customization options

It had forced me to come to terms with my weakness


Do you also keep planning 100 things a day to see you accomplish maximum 10 in the end? Does your time fly very fast as well? Have you ever thought, where it has disappeared? Quit wondering where, see it with your own eyes! Use Time Planner - the application that helps you organizing your days, weeks, months and years, and provides the opportunity to improve your planning skills and to commensurate your strength and capabilities. Why this App? * Simple life control tool * Absolutely no advertisement * Fast and optimized * Convenient schedule * Real-time time tracking * Handy customizing * Reminders * Task priorities * Alarm + captcha to fight procrastination Additionally for Pro version: + Unlimited and detailed statistics of your expectations and the reality + Various filters + Quick logging and manual logging + Backup option + Enriched settings, including more sounds Facebook: Forum: G+:

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