Advanced To-Do List for Goal Achievers - Goalist

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In short

Advanced To-Do List for Goal Achievers - Goalist is a free Android planning app from Cambiastic. It is suitable for people. It is a great way to organize time.


It helps you decide what tasks are worth doing

But have the tendency to get off track and this app helps

The most comprehensive planning app the will tune up your life

The learning curve is steep but worth it

It helped me to organize my time and to track loses

A very useful app for people like me who procrastinate a lot

The app works very well in scheduling events and achieving goals

Customizable and makes it easy to track goals and habits

Scheduling events is a little tricky

One of my favorite apps for setting goals

Terrible idea not being able to set times for weekly work jobs

Hate goal setting and annoying time management

I'm afraid I can't get caught up in subscription baloney

This is just too complicated great premise just poor design

This app is far too complicated to be a daily planner


Day Planning • Statistics • Goal Tracking • Data Logging • Alarms • Checklists • Widgets Goalist is different. It doesn't merely remind you to do stuff - that's simple and ineffective. It helps you determine what to do and why. It helps you transform into a highly effective Time Management Master. Small tweaks don't work in the long run. You need a radical change to see a radical improvement in your life. Goalist offers you a path that's undeniably different - explore it. Stop trying the same approaches expecting different results. If you're willing to put in some effort - as getting out of your comfort zone always means effort - you're guaranteed to achieve mind-blowing results, like so many open-minded people have so far. This app is created by two time management freaks who use it every single day, no exception. It means it's not just some product - it's an ever evolving piece of life-changing software made with love, cared about every day, tweaked and tested all the time - you cannot lose investing your time in it. • Read & watch first: • Subscribe to training: • Useful tips & support in the forum: Most powerful & customizable planner for Android Absolutely unique, life-changing approach to planning WARNING: causes addiction if used for over a week! Have you ever achieved a goal or made a dream come true? You know it didn't happen just because you wanted it to happen or just because you were thinking about it, right? Sadly, it seems most people think that way. You know it happened only because you didn't leave anything to chance. You had to work really hard to take and keep control of your time and actions. But first you had to realize what you value, set goals and commit to them. Goalist is a set of tools that may help you achieve your next dreams, as it helps us and many other people. With some imagination you can combine them into a powerful system providing feedback driving you to excellence. Unsuccessful people use lack of time as a good excuse. Successful people have the exact same amount of time as anyone. They just manage it well. And as a goal achiever you know you cannot manage it if you don't measure it and plan in advance. Goalist allows you to create very detailed daily plans. It respects the unchangeable fact that a day has 24 hours. Unsuccessful people see taking the responsibility for each minute as too much burden. Successful people know it's the only way to get the most out of every day. If you're diligent enough to create a complete plan every day, you'll see 24 hours is actually a lot. Based on your schedules you'll be able to generate and analyze useful stats, graphs and notifications. It will help you understand your current habits, set goals to improve them and stay motivated. After the initial setup planning is very quick with a convenient search, day templates and alarms scheduled automatically. You can monitor not only your time usage, but also other kinds of data that you put into a log. For instance: you have a goal to harden your abs. You will make slow or no progress if you do crunches now and then and don't track the number of repetitions. Using Goalist, you can easily track all the related data and get a variety of alerts. For example: you may warn yourself when your weekly average exercise time drops below 1 hour. Or you can detect muscle weakening by setting an alarm when you haven't managed to make at least 30 repetitions in one go during the last two weeks It's like tuning yourself by increasing your thresholds regularly. Getting to the next threshold value seems much more straightforward and manageable than the often overwhelming feeling of not even knowing where to start when focusing on a distant finish instead Unless you know a shortcut or trick - simply tune yourself week by week!

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