Savings Track

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In short

Savings Track is a free saving goal app for Android made by Kevin Tung. This is a great app for kids. It helps to track budgit items.


This is a great app for tracking all your budgit items

It has helped me do what I couldn't do on my own

But this app is great for keeping track of saving up

It's a nice app to track how much is your savings for your goal

No fuss with this one just an easy way to track your savings goals

Helped me manage my savings account

A great way to visualize savings goals

Very cool for self goals and setting goals for kids to learn to save

Clean and easy to use app but I want to change currency

Try adding daily goals and reminder things

Cannot exit app easily

Makes it just a useless list of goals and deadlines

Bad thing is that it only has one currency

Can't use decimal points


Are you saving money for a new car, holiday or putting money aside for retirement? Check out the app, it can help you to setup goal, monitor progress and motivate you to move forward until you archive your goal. To archive the saving goal, you just do below steps: 1. Set saving goal. Define why you need to save, how much you want to save, and what is the deadline. 2. Enter the amount of savings on a regular according to your goals. 3. Track progress until archive your goal. Install Savings Money, keep track of your savings and save more !

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