PocketGuard: Personal Finance, Money & Budget

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In short

PocketGuard: Personal Finance, Money & Budget is a free budget app for Android created by PocketGuard, Inc. And this is a perfect way to lower bills.


But what I liked the most is the offer to lower my bills

Custom categories would be a great option to add

I was amazed how easy it is to budget with this app

Would highly recommend this budget app

This is hands down the best finance app all around

Except of being a great budgeting app

But hard to understand my budgeting and spending trends

Good program to track my spendings and income

The new feature in the premium plan also looks very useful

Great way to manage spend

This app wasn't able to link to my bank account

Repeat error that app has closed restart app

Savings and balance transfers don't work

Unable to connect savings or checking account to goldenwest

Cannot use because of this issue

I can't even get past adding my address to use the app

Removed useful cash flow charts

Another connected but says it can't obtain all transaction data

It's just getting a bunch of transaction names wrong

I wasn't all happy about the new premium plan in the app


PocketGuard is one of the leading, easiest to use personal finance apps in the US and Canada. This handy tool can finally make money management and budgeting trouble-free. Paying bills, managing multiple accounts, staying on top of your spending habits — all of this is now available in one place. Money management in one place Manage your bank accounts, credit and debit cards in one place — even if you are using different banks Sync your loans, savings, and investment data — get an actual, transparent picture of your finances Connect all of your financial accounts in one place and see what’s really going on with your money Spending tracker with a clear picture of your finances Track your income and expenses See exactly how much is in your pocket Compare your spending habits month by month Create spending limits and get timely notifications when the balance is low Establish saving goals and reach them with the spending tracker Stay on top of your spending habits — see exactly how much money is spent and where exactly it goes Lower your bills Certain you’re getting the best deal with all of your monthly payments? Cut your regular bills for Comcast, AT&T and many other providers by up to 25% without leaving the app. Timely notifications and alerts Receive timely reminders about credit card bills and loan payments Get alerted when a bank fee or any unwanted charge hits your account Security and data protection 128-bit SSL encoding protects all of your sensitive data Additional 4-digit PIN ensures no one can access your financial data if the phone is lost or stolen Read-only connection with your bank makes it impossible for anyone (you included) to move money from your bank account via PocketGuard; for all of the bank transactions, you will have to use a dedicated online banking app Simplicity and intuitive navigation Despite its vast functionality, PocketGuard is simple and user-friendly! Visual, intuitive navigation makes personal finance management a walk in the park! Share your feedback to make the app even better! PocketGuard is an app designed to help people easily manage their finances. So, no one but you can help make the app even better. If you have any questions, or simply want to suggest a new feature — drop a line at — make no mistake, our developers will listen!

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