Spendee - Budget & Money Tracker with Bank Sync

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In short

Spendee - Budget & Money Tracker with Bank Sync is a free Android budget app from SPENDEE s.r.o. It is suitable for families. It is a great way to track expenses.


It's the best app for tracking our expenses

This is hands down the best finance management app on the play store

Fully customisable and the user interface is just awesome

Simple and beautiful user interface

Really nice app if to track your expenses

Overall it's the best finance app

But this one offers best user experience than others

One of the best budget app so far

The best personal spending monitoring app period

Best money income expenses I've ever use so far

I would wait until they fix bank sync before paying to upgrade

Paid premium user and bank sync does not work

And now want to sync account to Pixel XL

Second device don't sync and corrupt my wallet

Don't sync on second device

It crashes every time I try to access my wallet overview

Why expenses entered in this month are showing in January Month

Or the option to only have a monthly or wallet balance and not both

I am not able to access my previous data

Has send crash reports twice but no response


Tracking finances with Spendee is now much easier thanks to secure synchronization with your bank account. Do you know how much money you spend each month? Do you regularly track your monthly expenses for dining out, gas or groceries? If not, take the guesswork out of your finances with Spendee, the popular financial app that tracks your expenses and optimizes your budget. “Analyze your income and spending through gorgeous infographics and bring beauty to your finance.” - Google Play Store Editorial "Spendee Tracks Your Expenses with a Gorgeous, Frictionless Interface."- Lifehacker Main features • Connect your bank account or track expenses manually • Adding expenses is quick and easy • Beautiful infographics for income and expenses • Create joint accounts with family members, friends or partners • Multiple currencies, making it perfect for travelling or vacations • Custom wallets for special occasions such as holidays, anniversaries, wedding, car purchase, etc. • Secure data synchronization Best of all, the more you use Spendee, the more valuable it gets, by rewarding your effort with attractive charts that show you where your money is going and how your costs are matching up with your income. DOWNLOAD SPENDEE TODAY AND SAVE MORE MONEY! Follow us on and Email us at

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