ScoutLook Hunting

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In short

ScoutLook Hunting is a free Android hunting app developed by HuntLogix. This app is recommended for kids. This is a good app to look for sheds.


I really like the weather forecasts for the wind direction

Wind accuracy has been pretty useful in choosing hunting stands

Use it for deer hunting and waterfowl hunting

Will make it easy for hunt clubs to use to reserve stands

This helps us with a quick look for wind direction for stands

Quick and easy to use at your fingertips

The only drawback is you have to be in cell range

Love this app weather is accurate easy enough for my kids to use too

Weather portion of the app has proven accurate thus far

Easy to use and I love that it shows the wind direction

Trial and error is a horrible user experience

Tons of adds slowing every thing down and sucking up data

It's constantly putting useless sashes pitch notifications up

Not nearly as good as the last version

Also the developers don't seem to try to hard to fix it


ScoutLook Hunting is a free map-based app that offers hunters pinpoint global weather forecasts and location management. Save unlimited hunting locations (treestands, blinds, trail cameras, etc.) to your free account. Revisit your saved locations to plan future hunts and be in the right place at the right time! Weather forecast details include temperature, cloud cover, precipitation, barometric pressure, wind activity, sunrise and sunset times, moon phase and a radar map overlay. Maps load quickly and accurately and offer the following layers: satellite map, topographic map and street-view map. Use your smartphone’s GPS to navigate, even without Internet connectivity. ScoutLook’s ScentCone Wind Map lets you see where your scent will blow hour by hour, for 72 hours, so you can precisely plan successful deer and big-game hunts. NEW: Save ideal wind conditions for each hunting location and ScentCone will display a color-coded indicator to help you choose the best locations for given wind conditions. Our SetZone Wind Map shows waterfowl hunters a 72-hour wind forecast to predict the best decoy setups. Save ScoutMarX to mark trails, parking areas, campsites, food plots, rubs, scrapes, scat, shed antlers, blood trails and more. Use the ScoutLook logging system to keep track of game animal activities and establish lethal patterns. Unique logging options are separately dedicated to big game, deer, turkeys, predators, waterfowl and hogs. Manage specific hunting properties by allowing hunters to view property details and contribute game activity logs with a secure property access code. ScoutLook Hunting is offered at no charge because of support from loyal advertisers with trustworthy products.

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