Secret Agent PRO

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In short

Secret Agent PRO is a running app for Android made by DrKappa.


This is pretty a cool app with a fairly accurate gps locator

Work well and a smooth running app

Awesome fun with my little brother and his friends

Great for millitary uses

It has some awesome features

U need my refund still have receipt but won't give a dang refund


Secret Agent PRO is a fun app you can use as an handy toolbox. Why download many apps if one can serve multiple needs? Wrapped in a FAKE secret agent environment, Secret Agent PRO will make you surprise all your friends! Secret Agent provides the following tools: - An handy torch featuring an SOS-mode flashlight. - Device diagnostics: memory, CPU, GPU and battery information with charge, temperature and much more. - Satellite tool: GPS and GLONASS satellite position with radar and earth map, current address and specific satellite information. - A fake set of camera filters: infrared, thermal camera, security camera. Watch realtime video and save pictures to your device! Also in HD! - Compass. - Spectrum Analyzer... visualize sounds around you in realtime with a spectrogram! - Sensor data including magnetometer, orientation, acceleration. On supported devices you can read temperature, humidity, air pressure and dew point. - A nice wifi scanner analyzing frequencies and wifi signal strength. - Morse: play audio messages using morse code! - Secret audio recoring: catch every sound around you. - Secret video recoring... a must for every spy! - QRCode reader: don't miss any piece of information around, Agent! It is also possible to use an handy widget to launch all the tools! Always respect other people's privacy when recording audio and video! **** BEFORE BUYING PLEASE NOTE ON TABLETS THE MENU BAR CANNOT BE HIDDEN SO IT WILL BE SHOWN DURING SECRET VIDEO AND AUDIO RECORDING!!! ***** Permissions are needed for: - CAMERA for torch and infrared filter - INTERNET for assisted geolocation - FINE LOCATION and COARSE LOCATION for satellite and wifi location - WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE for saving audio, images and video - RECORD_AUDIO and GET_TASKS for audio recording service LED icons courtesy of tehkseven - www.tehkseven.net! Compass graphics based upon Diego Monzon's free compass - www.dmonzon.com

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