GPS Status PRO - (legacy key)

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In short

GPS Status PRO - (legacy key) is an Android compass app from MobiWIA - EclipSim. It is suitable for outdoor enthusiasts. It is a great way to get sensor info.


Works well with Google Maps

Liked it so much I decided to purchase the PRO version

This app helped resolve some sluggish GPS problems

Allows you to save GPS locations so you can home in on them later

This app dramatically improves my tablet's GPS capabilities

PERFECT for getting sensor info at a glance

Well worth the very small cost for the pro version

I've had this app since 2011 and it's the best GPS app out there

Excellent work and a Must Have Tool

Love this Compass App

Appbrain Ad detector still claims it use AdMob Adware

No need to wade through a bunch of bloat to see the sensor data

They do not even show GPS coordinates

This app does not unlock the free app on my Nexus 5 running Android 5

Tried a few apps that made that claim but fell short

Not a user app issue

Useless uninstalling

Latest version stopped working on GS4

Those guys are real thieves

It's very frustrating as a truck driver with all these GPS


NOTE: The main (free) app now supports in-app payments to purchase a PRO license. Please purchase a license from the side navigation menu of GPS Status & Toolbox . To encourage the purchase the in-app license is 50% off compared to this price. This app is left here only for users who have previously purchased the key app so they can still download it, when they need to reinstall the app . This is a plugin for 'GPS Status & Toolbox' that will remove the in-app advertisements from the program and add several PRO only features. Please consider supporting the development. PRO features: - show/store/edit multiple waypoints and use them on the Radar for navigation. - pressure, rotation, temperature, humidity values (if supported by the device) - removed ads If you do not have 'GPS Status & Toolbox' installed, visit the 'More by MobiWIA' section and install it from there. If you like GPS Status & Toolbox, please leave a review here and share your (hopefully) good experiences. Thank you for your support. NOTE: To avoid polluting your launcher with redundant icons, start GPS Status using the icon for the plugin (PRO). It will start GPS Status and also will disable itself, so on next phone reboot the icon will disappear. -- MobiWIA - a cooperation with Andrs Studio --

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