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In short

Send Money with Remitly is a free app for Android made by Remitly. This is a great app for friends. It helps to send money.


Thank u best in the world remitly for money transfer service

Remitly is the best app for transfering money

Easy way to transfer the money

Best and reliable site to send Money

It's very easy to use and affordable money transfer

I extremely wanna recommend this to my friends and family

Thank you Remitly for my Amazon gift card

Definitely gonna share rwmitly to my friends

Just wanna say thank you so much for the quick response

Definetly one of my favorite apps

If I were to travel to Mexico and don't trust their money exchange

I cant open my account here new updated version remitly

They asked too much requirements like your drivers licence

It's didn't work for Quebec residents of Canada

It takes only a few minutes to send money

She told me to much things they ask its not even for security reason

I sent way below daily spending limit and they kept asking for id

Never get gifrcard i sent money bec

Can i send money from the philippines to canada using this app 2016 and they don't take discover card app is useless to me

Asking too much personal information for a simple transaction


Now available in the UK! Remitly is the best way to send money to India and the Philippines. Join the hundreds of thousands of happy customers who have already sent money around the world faster, easier, and more affordably with Remitly. THE REMITLY DIFFERENCE Fast - Send money within minutes from your phone to any supported country. - Always on time. Each transfer carries a delivery promise, letting you know when your money will arrive. - You and your recipient can stay updated with text messages on your money’s progress. Affordable - Low fees and great exchange rates. Compare to our leading competitors. - Special offer when you use Remitly for the first time. - Use your debit card and don't pay more when you send more. Safe & Secure - 100% secure! Your safety and security are of utmost importance! - Help is always available with Remitly. Call customer support (toll-free) using the app. - We offer friendly around the clock customer support. - We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2009 for the provision of payment services. We are also registered with the HMRC as a money service business. We also partner with the largest banks in India, the Philippines, and the UK. NATIONWIDE COVERAGE - INDIA: Deposit instantly to HDFC, Axis Bank, and more, and within 4 banking hours to all other Indian banks including ICICI, SBI, and Citibank. - THE PHILIPPINES: Transfer money to all major banks in the Philippines and over 10,000 cash pickup locations including Cebuana Lhuillier, M Lhuillier, BDO, BPI, GCash, any SM mall, and more. Plus, USD to USD transfers are available to select partners.

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