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In short

MoneyWise Pro is an Android app developed by Handy North. This is a good app to track expenses.


This is a really great app to track you finances

Use this app to mage everything that has to do with money

The app helps me keep track of my spendings

I absolutely love this app and its worth paying for the pro version

It works very well to provide graphs and track spending

A very flexible app with an easy learning curve

Love the different account option to see my cash

Best money management app IMO 5 Stars if that limitation was fixed

Very user Friendly and Labels customizable with lots of categories

Love the capability to export to a spreadsheet

Says my phone does not have a app to open this file type

Dropbox syncing is not working

Although dropbox sync functionality does not work as expected

Was expecting support for Google Drive to save the backups

Chucked one star coz of that

It's a shame development is dead

But now the app refuses to acknowledge my backups

The app is not keeping up with the latest Android and its design


It shows unreliable results sometimes


Get a grip of your personal finances and track your everyday expenses using this top rated money management app. With MoneyWise Pro you can create budgets, monitor cash flow and set up standing orders. With MoneyWise Pro it's easy to register your expenses on the go. Using graphs and filters you get an overview of spending patterns and can also drill down to see details. For more in-depth analysis of your financial situation you can easily export all data to your computer and import it to a spreadsheet application such as Excel. Data can also be exported as HTML reports for printing. Setting a budget is the best way to get a grip of your spendings and make sure your expenses are in line with your target. Popular budgets items are "Grocery expenses", "Transportation"and "Eating out". Budgets can be set on a monthly, weekly or biweekly bases with the option to shift the starting day of month or week. You decide yourself which transactions are included in each budget item using a filter. MoneyWise Pro is the only money management app that supports tagging transactions with labels. You should always assign an expense category to each transaction to get a good structure of your spending, but labels add a whole new dimension when filtering the data. Example of labels are "work", "private", "charity", "vacation", project codes or client names. Recurring transactions such as your biweekly paycheck or paying the monthly rent can be automated. Simply create a new transaction, open the transaction details in the list view and mark it as "recurring". Please backup your data to keep it safe. MoneyWise supports local backups to the SD card as well as cloud storage to DropBox. Using DropBox is also a convenient way to migrate your transaction history to a new phone. Feature overview: Doesn't require internet access, no registration Translated into English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Russian, French, Italian, Swedish and Norwegian Supports all currencies (e.g. $, €, £, ₩, ¥, kr, R$) including currency conversion with manually configured exchange rates Multiple accounts Budgets with weekly, biweekly or monthly budget periods and configurable starting day Password protection Recurring transactions Transfer between accounts Graph expenses over time Graph expenses by category Tag expenses using labels Filter by categories and labels View by day/week/month/year Monitor account balances Backup to SD card or DropBox Import data to a spreadsheet application (such as Excel) Mark transactions as cleared by the bank Split a transaction over multiple categories Use sub categories Batch operations Calculator Ad free

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