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In short

Shopping List - SoftList is a free grocery shopping app for Android created by Martins Softwares.


It's a awesome grocery shopping apps in hole Play store

A great grocery shopping app

Thanks for making a grocery list app so easy to use

Simple straightforward app that functions as promised

Good service and great team

Best few bucks I've spent in a long time

Many great features make this an excellent app

It's easy to use with a very nice interface

Doesn't work with watch in airplane mode

Can't add item photos by searching the internet


The SoftList application offers a wide range of functions with a modern and intuitive look. Speed ​​and convenience. Create your shopping list quickly using our product catalogue and with the help of the autocomplete resource. Simple and complete. You can create lists by just adding the names of the products or complete lists by adding price, unit of measure, category, observation and photo. Follow your purchase. Add the price of the products and let SoftList calculate the total purchase for you. Purchase history By saving the history of your purchases, you can perform an analysis of your expenses, and if you have purchased the same product in different shops, perform price comparisons. Control your expenses. SoftList is the only shopping list app that has reports and charts to analyse your expenses. You can analyse various information, such as which product or category had more expenses. Just save the history of your purchases and generate reports. Cloud services. With cloud services you can synchronise your data between multiple devices, share lists with others and keep all your data saved in the cloud through automatic backups. To use the cloud services you need to create a SoftList account. You can create this account at any time, even after creating your lists. Resources: - Register and manage several shopping lists. - Register items manually, using voice command or by scanning the barcode. - Add images to products. - Products are organised by category. - Allows you to set the order in which categories are shown. - Share your shopping list via email, SMS or WhatsApp. - Copy and move items among your lists. - Add prices to products and check out the total purchase amount. - Save your shopping history - Reports for monitoring expenses. - Reports to compare prices. - Share lists with others. - Automatic backups using cloud services. - Synchronise your data between multiple devices. SoftList is now avaliable on Android Wear smartwatches.

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