Site Audit Pro

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In short

Site Audit Pro is an Android app developed by Veam Studios Ltd. This is a good app to have walking property.


Saves reports to Google drive

This is a fantastic app for creating reports

Great tool to have when walking property

Works well for site inspections and punch lists

Great tool for snagging works

This is a great tool to use on property walks and move outs

Being able to add multiple pictures at once is needed

This app does what is needed for my business purposes

Use it all the time for snagging issues

This is a great tool

The current report photos are far too small

Not the same product

I can not send reports with tiny pictures


***40% off for a limited time*** Site Audit Pro helps over 30,000 businesses worldwide improve their productivity by making audits and inspections quick to carry out and simple to manage. Whether you are performing a safety inspection, creating a list of works required or providing a quotation, Site Audit Pro will help you collate and share your findings quickly and on the go. Site Audit Pro is simple to use: - Record issues with a photo, title, assignee and comments. - Annotate photos to highlight important information. - Organise issues into projects, adding site and client details specific to each project. - Share a professional audit report right away, no need to head back to the office. Share your reports as a PDF with email, dropbox and more. - Import multiple photos as once, Site Audit Pro will automatically convert them to issues. Customise Site Audit Pro for you: - Add personal details to your reports, including company name, auditor name, signature and a logo. - Change the content to reflect your industry. Instead of ’Identified 12 issues’, why not use ’Found 12 problems’ or ’Examined 12 animals’? Site Audit Pro proves useful to a huge number of industries. - Choose from and customise a range of professional report designs. Two themes are included, with a further 6 available via a one time in-app purchase. Site Audit Pro is great for: - Audits - Inspections - Punchlists / Punch Lists - Site Walks - Checklists - And so much more, whenever you need to capture and report important data, choose Site Audit Pro. Download Site Audit Pro today to make audits and inspections quick, organised and hassle-free. In-App Purchase: Site Audit Pro contains an in-app purchase for 6 additional report themes to complement the 2 report themes included in the original price. All app functionality is included in the original price, the in-app purchase is completely optional and no auditing functionality is hidden behind an additional cost. We hope you enjoy using Site Audit Pro. Visit our website at: http://www.veamstudios.com

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