Sky Dancer

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In short

Sky Dancer is a free mind blasting game for Android made by Pine Entertainment. It helps to add new levels.


Sexy Game I love this game

This is quite literally my favourite app game to date

Calming visuals and sound effects

Exactly what is a Zig Zag

Great time killer when you are waiting in line

Fantastic and mind blasting game

Much better than old fashioned temple run type endless runner

Try to add new levels with cool graphics

Great variety of characters

Very good addictive gameplay with sweet graphics

Because there is no way to shut off notifications

New update ruined my game data

Don't like having to tap both sides of the screen to jump

The latest update is a disaster

Please fix this you moron fellow Vietnamese


Jump across hazardous cliffs, flying islands, large boulders; dive in the air and land like a superhero as you try to beat the endless abyss. How far can you run, Dancer?! What makes Sky Dancer awesome? * Sky Dancer is a new runner where falling is just as important as running! * A stylish running game with a daredevil attitude! * In Sky Dancer, you take huge, exhilarating, action movie-style leaps-and pray you've got the skills to land on that platform far below. * The graphics and controls are beautifully minimalist, but what really gets you is pulling off impossible feats again and again. * Run as far as you can but watch out for the drop! * 10 BEST MOBILE GAMES IN 2017 BY CNET & ANDROID AUTHORITY! * Sky Dancer is 100% FREE to Download and FREE to Play! All in-app products are completely optional!

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