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In short

Slider Camera PRO is an Android camera app developed by SilverNova. This is a good app to take snapshots.


Great replacement for the LG G2 camera app when using cyanogenmod

Easy to take snapshots and manage exposure without accessing menus

Just plain outstanding on my XiAOMi Mi5 Pro Thanks DEVS PEACE

Keep up the good work

Many functions packed in a great apps

Shutter button doesn't work


Shoot professional and stunning looking photos using easy-to-use slider control. Also contains a full-blown image editor with lot of effects and adjustment possibilities. NOW ALSO A VIDEO MODE INCLUDED! "This is packed full of features and as they’re all so easy to use, Slider Camera is one of the better camera replacements I've spent time with."-- Tom Dawson, Managing Editor, Android Headlines "A solid camera replacement, there’s more than meets the eye with Slider Camera and it’s one of the more impressive replacements, and photo-editing apps, that I've spent time with. Not only is this one of the fastest camera apps I've used on Android, it’s also the easiest to use. "-- Tom Dawson, Managing Editor, Android Headlines Do you often see that your images are too colorless and could need tiny adjustments of colors and levels, especially when shot in low-light conditions? Slider Camera is an app to solve this problem! You can tune the image immediately after it’s shot with easy-to-use sliders. No need to open photos in external image editor anymore. You only need a thumb. Good replacement camera for example for LG G3. Inspired by camera app in Nokia. Watch an intro video: http://youtu.be/iIkx0gZ4hgA Sample images shot with LG G3. FEATURES: - Video Camera - Possible to open SliderCamera from lock screen (android 4.2->) - Sliders in photo mode:     - zoom     - exposure correction - Shoot using camera or volume buttons on phone - Double-tap-shooting - Flash modes: On, Off, Auto, Torch - HDR (only on devices that have hardware support for HDR) - ISO-modes: auto, sports, ISO100-ISO6400 (all modes that your phone supports) - Focus modes: continuous auto focus, tap-to-focus, macro     - focus-lock possible, also 5 second focus-lock in continuous mode - Selfie and normal mode - Helper grid - Resolutions: Most common ones - Quick edit mode ("Quick adjust"button appears after photo is taken for a few seconds) - Sliders in photo mode:     - saturation (make colors better)     - levels     - contrast - warmth - Cropping image - Instant sharing - Image Gallery     - share images - Image Editor     - Auto correct     - Effects     - Stickers     - Crop     - Sharpen     - Blur     - Rotate     - Brightness, contrast, saturation, color temp     - Paint     - Draw     - Text      Suggest a feature that you would like to have and I will consider adding it if several people suggest it. Tested on devices: LG G3, Samsung Galaxy 2, Samsung Galaxy 3, Samsung Galaxy 4, Samsung Galaxy 5, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, LG Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 6

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