Space Colony

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In short

Space Colony is an app for Android created by maxelus.net. And this is a perfect way to keep scene fresh.


And the randomizer works well to keep the scene fresh and new

Beautiful colours and interesting backdrop changes for the city

LOVE the randomize option

There is a 60fps mode that looks really really nice

Love this alien city scape

It looks amazing and has a minimal impact on battery life

Space colony is fantastic

Great looking colors graphics

It looks flawless on the Samsung Galaxy S5

Never hesitant to purchase from this developer

Like a hostile takeover


Discover Space Colony somewhere in the Galaxy! The first human colonies in space are available on your phone and tablet :) You can choose one of five places and see how the city looks. The Space Colony is surrounded by Toxic Aura. You can change the color and power of Aura. The colonists use it to gaining energy. Over the city flying big spaceships, transports new colonists and cargo. In the city you can also set the illumination of buildings, set several different camera paths. Quick double-click on the screen automatically change the route of the camera. Space Colony is a live wallpaper. Best for phones and tablets. Use accelerometr to move camera. You may change many options like colony background, city illumination, toxic aura, camera tracks, and so on. Visit Space Colony! Please rate it. Thanks!

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