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In short

Spanish Podcasts is an Android app developed by Lingp - the Language Podcasting company.


But ended up falling in love with Coffee Break Spanish

Great app and content

This is a simple but great app

It really makes learning Spanish easier


Spanish Podcasts contains over 20 carefully selected popular podcasts to help you learn Spanish. With Spanish Podcasts you can: - Enhance your listening and speaking with thousands of podcasts on a wide variety of topics. - Study simple to advanced Spanish vocabulary, Spanish pronunciation, Spanish idioms and phrases, natural Spanish conversations by native speakers, and many more. - Be educated not only about the Spanish language but also the Spanish culture. Learn Spanish the most natural and fun way, wherever and whenever you want, now with Spanish Podcasts. FEATURES --------------------- - Over 20 popular carefully selected podcasts for Spanish learners - Work with any other external podcasts or RSS - Display text of audio feed items (if available) -- especially helpful for listening with transcript - Download or stream over wifi - Many advanced features to manage podcasts FEATURED PODCASTS ------------------------ Notes in Spanish series - Inspired Beginner's Podcast - Intermediate Podcast - Advanced Podcast - Gold Podcast Learners' choice - Learn Spanish with Roja: podcasts on music, history, culture, literature, and food TIPS --------------------------- - Some podcasts only make a few recent posts available. The earlier you subscribe and refresh these podcasts, the more posts you have access to. - Many useful settings available from the Settings menu. Thanks for downloading Spanish Podcasts. If you like the app, please take a few minutes to rate and write a review for the app. If you have any questions, comments, or feature suggestions, please email us at lingpdev@gmail.com. ------------------------------------------------ The list of currently available podcasts include: Advanced Podcast - Notes in Spanish Coffee Break Spanish Coffee Break Spanish Magazine Discover Spanish Finally Learn Spanish Gold Podcast - Notes in Spanish Intermediate Podcast - Notes in Spanish Inspired Beginner's Podcast - Notes in Spanish Learn Spanish with Roja News Time Spanish News in Slow Spanish One Minute Spanish Show Time Spanish Spanish 360 with Fabiana Spanish Podcast Spanish Obsessed Spanish Survival Guide Tu Tradicion Latina

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