Tempest Weather Radar Premium

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In short

Tempest Weather Radar Premium is a free radar app for Android made by acosticmobile. It helps to plan outside work.


Super fast radar layer downloads

Extremely useful for planning outside work

Finally a weather app that looks good

This is the best weather application for practical use

Of course you have the best weather app available

So I appreciate a good radar app

Little update circle spun and spun but no radar displayed

Uninstalled and back to the working free version

Stops in mid sentence often


AD FREE version of Tempest Weather Radar. Tempest Premium also adds double tap zoom and zoom level "memory"and radar animation time-stamp. Tempest weather radar displays real-time NEXRAD (Next-Generation Radar) and TDWR (Terminal Doppler Weather Radar) animated storm radar images overlaid on top of Google maps. Weather radar data is refreshed every 6 minutes. Although the default user settings are appropriate for most users, some users like to configure optimal settings for their area and personal taste. Tempest weather radar allows users to change the number of frames per animation, cloud transparency, radar type and range of both NEXRAD and TDWR radars. Storm tracking, ground clutter elimination, image smoothing and rain/snow options can also be controlled. Since the familiar Google Maps is used, the user can enable Satellite View and Traffic View if desired. NEXRAD radar parameters include: Base Reflectivity N0R Base Reflectivity N1R Base Reflectivity N2R Base Reflectivity N3R Base Reflectivity N0Z World Base Reflectivity 00Q Base Radial Velocity N0V Base Radial Velocity N1V Mean Radial Velocity N0S Mean Radial Velocity N1S Mean Radial Velocity N2S Mean Radial Velocity N3S Total Surface Rainfall NTP One Hour Rainfall N1P TDWR radar parameters include: Base Reflectivity TR0 Base Reflectivity TR1 Base Reflectivity TR2 Long Range Reflectivity TZL Base Radial Velocity TV0 Base Radial Velocity TV1 Mean Radial Velocity TV2 WSR Base Reflectivity N0Q WSR Base Reflectivity NAQ WSR Base Reflectivity N1Q WSR Base Reflectivity NBQ WSR Base Reflectivity N2Q WSR Base Reflectivity N3Q WSR Base Radial Velocity N0U WSR Base Radial Velocity NAU WSR Base Radial Velocity N1U WSR Base Radial Velocity N0U WSR Base Radial Velocity NBU WSR Base Radial Velocity N2U WSR Base Radial Velocity N3U WSR Digital Storm Total Precipitation DSP WSR Surface Rainfall 1 hour N1P WSR Surface Rainfall storm total NTP WSR Mean Radial Velocity N0S WSR Mean Radial Velocity N1S WSR Mean Radial Velocity N2S WSR Mean Radial Velocity N3S Although initially designed as a weather radar only solution, Tempest weather radar can retrieve current local weather conditions, 10 day forecast and hourly forecast data by tapping on the red location icon. Alternatively, "long pressing"on a map location will bring up the weather forecast of that location. Currently, Tempest weather radar overlay data is available only for the USA and the bordering regions of Canada and Mexico. Also, Tempest weather radar is currently only available on the android platform. Thanks for trying Tempest Weather Radar. We hope you enjoy it! This program is under active development. Weather radar and forecast data provided by Maps provided by Tempest weather radar... the ultimate storm tracking app for your android device.

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