Virtual Makeover Premium

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In short

Virtual Makeover Premium is an Android app from ModiFace. It is a great way to try new styles.


Very fantastic and super quality product

Its easy and simple to create a photo

It's awesome to be able to try new styles before buying a new wig

Also creative colors like pravana vivid and neon hair color

I love trying to create natural looks

I enjoy being able to adjust the hair slightly

Mascara and eye liner over laps hair which makes it look fake

What a horrible way to treat customers

Purchased the premium version and am very dissapointed

Refund my money if you're not going to fix it

I would love to review it but it doesn't even open

It won't download no matter how many times I try to install it

But now randomly places outline no where near face on photo


This is the ULTIMATE makeup and beauty photo editing app created by ModiFace. 100 Celebrity Hairstyles, 2000 Makeup Shades, 20 Instant Looks, and MUCH more. That is a $20.00 value that is now only $2.99. Our next generation virtual makeover application that has SO many features packed and a very cool new interface. Try on photo-realistic cosmetics, hairstyles, instant looks, accessories, remove blemishes and so much more! You can take a photo with your camera, upload from your Album or Facebook, or choose a model to try on nearly 2,000 unique products and hairstyles. You can now try eye shadows, eye liners, mascara, lipstick, lip liner, blush, false lashes, bronzers, foundation, and hairstyles with just a few touches of the screen! Here are the most exciting features of Virtual Makeover: - On-device processing (thereby not requiring an Internet connection) - Facial Recognition for accurately and instantly mapping the face - Featuring ModiFace's latest technology for realistically showing shine, glitter, and different textures/intensities - Up to 2,000 unique colors (updated regularly) - More than 100 hairstyles (updated regularly) - Blemish Removal so you can get perfect skin - Option to save yourself as a model so you can start your makeover instantly! - Full social network and sharing integration Also includes coloring pens to draw on your makeover, accessories, mirror, and more! Try out Virtual Makeover and let us know what you think. Virtual Makeover is powered by ModiFace

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