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In short

2Do - Reminders, To-do List & Notes is a free planning app for Android made by Beehive Innovations. This is a great app for dev. It helps to do list.


Great task tracking app

This is my most favorite task app in both the iOS and Android markets

Because it was my favorite to do list app and I have tried many

Love the app and being able to sort lists

It categorizes work and home tasks and you can add handy notes

This is the best calendar app I have used

It's my favorite to do manager

I recommend it to anyone who needs a good task app

I've tried a number of to do list and this is by far my favorite

Most beautiful and powerful to do app available

And the affected tasks were corrupted in both places

I guess they do not care about Android users

I used dropbox sync and it just isn't reliable

Please fix the syncing issue and I will give a better rating

ToDo reminders utterly fail to get your attention

I disliked the user experience from the beginning

The method to set alarm times is stupid and not intuitive

The same poor user experience

I sent an email into the support desk but did not get a reply

I asked for refund for android app many times and got no response


SALE Upgrade to Pro for unlimited alerts, sync and backups. 50% OFF for a limited time only. 2Do lets you take a completely different approach to managing your tasks. With its extremely simple-to-use interface and a comprehensive and flexible set of powerful features, it lets you focus on what's most important to you: your life. There is no wrong way of using 2Do, and unlike other to-do apps, it won't force you in adhering to a particular task management methodology. FREE 2Do is a non-expiring FREE, full-featured app with all its functions enabled, with the exception of Sync, Backups and Alert notifications, which are part of a 14-day trial. You can unlock these permanently at any time with a one-time only in-app purchase. After 14-days, all features on display will continue to function fully, with only these Pro features disabled. AWARDS • App of the Year 2015 - Macstories • Mac App Store “Best of 2013” - Apple • Gold Medal for "Best app for forgetful people"- Gizmodo • Cult Of Mac - 5/5 SIMPLE TASKS, CHECKLISTS & PROJECTS • Create simple tasks, or checklists and projects with sub-tasks. Tasks can have notes, attachments and multiple alarms. • Recurring tasks, due dates, start dates and more • Set any task to repeat using a flexible set of options. LIST GROUPS, LISTS, INBOX & SMART LISTS • In addition to built-in Focus lists that allow you to conveniently view upcoming, starred or scheduled tasks, you can create multiple todo lists to manage and organize different aspects of your life: work, home, leisure, sports and so on. • Built-in support for GTD (Getting things done) Inbox • Create and manage shopping lists, work tasks, recurring bills, travel plans, anniversaries, someday stuff or anything else in individually colored lists. The only organizer you'll need. • Lists can be individually excluded to appear from the All focus list - perfect for stuff you'll get to one day but don't want it appearing alongside important stuff • Smart lists let you harness the true potential of 2Do using a number of search options, filters and search pre-sets. Using Smart Lists, you can create custom views of your tasks and use them to focus-in or find frequently managed tasks. • Filter on list groups or individual todo lists • Use as an events or a party planner, or an effective birthday reminder REMINDERS [ PRO FEATURE - Try for 14 days ] • Assign multiple alerts to a task to remind you at different dates and times • Create reminders for recurring todos SYNC [ PRO FEATURE - Try for 14 days ] • Stay in sync using Dropbox or Toodledo. 2Do works across Android, iOS and Macs PASSWORD PROTECTION • Protect individual todo lists or lock out the whole app • Perfect for storing gift ideas SORTING & FOCUS • Take control of how you sort your lists, or use the Focus filter to quickly filter on stuff you need to focus on BATCH EDITING • Batch defer, tag, star, marking tasks done and more REIMAGINED TASK EDITOR & QUICK ADD • With focus on switching between editors effortlessly using a single tap only TAGS • Manage tags from a dedicated Tags Panel • Organize your tags within groups • Leverage the powerful integration of Tags & Smart Lists to filter on frequently managed tasks. 
• Find Used vs. Unused tags YOUR TASKS UNLIMITED • Set a Start Date to hide tasks from a list before they're relevant and add Duration to put an estimate on the amount of time you’ll be spending on your task • Add an action a todo to call, write an email or message, navigate or trigger a URL Scheme right from 2Do • Attach an image or a voice memo to your tasks BACKUPS [ PRO FEATURE - Try for 14 days ] • Create and restore backups at any time Follow us:

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