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In short

Weather & Radar is a free Android weather app from WetterOnline GmbH. It is a great way to know weather.


I use this app to find cloud cover in my place Trivandrum

Has great radar maps with ability to see later today

Weather forecast is mostly accurate and app has good features

The weather forecast is really good

Definitely the best weather app around

It's a great weather app

Really happy with the accuracy and information layout

I really enjoyed the new design and the weather map is great

Most accurate weather app I tested so far

My favourite weather app

I tried many times but it was not able to find my location

Rain forecasts on this app is terrible

No response to emails queries

When I turn off all access permissions and GPS

Not a comprehensive app

Wouldn't go back to lesser forecasts

Didn't pick current location even

It gives wrong information about temperature

I mailed the author and was told because of technical issues

I am frankly disgusted by the reply from the app developer


Hourly weather forecasts. A UK & Ireland rainfall radar and satellite map every 5 min. Whatever your plans, and wherever you are, stay one step ahead with the Weather & Radar App. Enjoy rainfall radar and satellite maps. "Weather & Radar"gives forecasts for any location in the UK and Ireland, as well as real time weather and radar. See the latest enhanced weather map, which includes areas of cloud cover, rainfall, snowfall, thunderstorms, lightning strikes and temperatures. Zoomable Radar! All the weather information at a glance or directly in your status bar. Fast, simple and free of charge. A weather forecast app, which accurately depicts the current weather and the emerging pattern. Severe Weather Warnings. FEATURES: • Rainfall and weather radar across the world • Customizable weather widgets with live backgrounds • Current weather in any location in the UK or Ireland • Hour-by-hour weather forecasts • 14 -day weather forecasts • Precipitation: probability, quantity and duration • Relative humidity and barometric pressure • Wind strength, direction and gusts • Hours of sunshine and UV-Index • Weather radar for any location: rainfall radar plus cloud, thunderstorms, snow and temperatures • Worldwide location finder • Favourites list • Capture and share photos with weather information • Current weather directly in your status bar • Severe weather warnings Hour by hour weather forecasts and 8 day forecast for UK and Ireland are included! A detailed world view is also offered. We also offer weather widgets with live backgrounds, which you can scale according to your own preference. The perfect weather widget for android smartphones! As soon as the app is launched, it shows the current weather in your location together with a radar image and weather forecasts. You can immediately see whether it is rainy, stormy or sunny outside. Swiping the screen youu can see the weather forecast for the hours and days ahead. Thanks to the user-friendly search function, you can easily find any location worldwide and add it to your Favourites (My Locations). This feature shows you the weather in multiple locations at one glance. Clicking on the radar image enlarges it to Full Screen. A direct link allows you to share all the information in the app via Facebook and other social networks. Playing the loop shows you where clouds and rain are headed, where the sun is shining and where storms are active. From within the app, you can activate the Premium features for Europe to take advantage of the following benefits: • No advertisements • High-resolution radar data • Zoom the radar image to see greater detail • Radar time step is minimized to 5 minutes • Access to Premium on 5 devices The Premium features can be purchased for one month or one year. This is not a subscription service. Please send any questions or comments to

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