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In short

Wendler Log is a free Android tracking app developed by Vandersoft. This is a good app to increase strength.


Then buy this excellent app to do the brain work

Excellent tracking app

I rely on this app for keeping track of my workouts

Awesome addition with joker sets and pyramid sets

But with customizability options to suit your fancy

Easy way to keep track without writing stuff down

Easy to use during a workout and loving the programming

The timer and plate calculator are great

Thanks for making this app

Great for tracking progress

Deleted my lift history with every update

Can't restore my lift data to a new device

I had to wipe my phone and lost all my data

Not sure what happened but it took my workout numbers with it

Too often just a white screen loads

Latest update doesn't work on my galaxy 5

Loads to a blank screen

Requiring it to reboot every time I switched back

Difficult to use because it constantly keeps freezing up

The app functions well except for one MAJOR flaw


The easiest way to track and automatically calculate your Wendler 5/3/1 powerlifting routine. Simply input your one rep maxes once! Based off your one rep maxes your entire Wendler 5-3-1 routine will be calculated. You will not have to look at another percentage or weight chart again! Lose the spreadsheets! Your weights will automatically increase with each new cycle as little or much as you setup. This takes the math out of your training so you can focus on lifting! The Wendler 5/3/1 mesocycles and lifts are automatically calculated based on how you lift and your body's own unique fitness level. Customize the program as little or a much as you want. Stick with the four main lifts: Military Press, Bench Press, Back Squat and Deadlift - or create your own unique lifts! Free Features Automatically increase the weight for your lifts each new cycle Keep track of your scores. Your AMRAP (As Many Reps as Possible) score from your last cycle is displayed as you complete each lift Warmup sets for each lift day based off your one rep max Rest timer so you know how long to rest between sets One rep max calculator (Epley) to ensure you start with the right weights Choose your units - kg or lbs Customize the number of weeks in your lifting cycles - configure up to 10 weeks in a cycle! Track and graph your bodyweight Create your own custom lifts to do with the Wendler 531 program Customize the week (wave) percentages See a complete history of all your Wendler workouts. Sort by date, reps, lift type, and one rep max. Export your lift history Wendler 5-3-1 Calculator Especially designed for Powerlifting or CrossFit Get Even Stronger with Wendler Log Pro Features Assistance program creator 15 pre-built customizable assistance programs Special Joker Set assistance program that will dynamically adjust the weight and reps depending on what week you are in Plate calculator - see the exact plates you need to load on your bar for all your lifts Graph your bodyweight and calculated one rep maxes over time Automatically backup and sync your progress to the cloud Ad free Note: purchasing Wendler Log Pro also supports the team behind this app. If you find the app helpful, purchasing pro helps us make the app better. Please note this app is not connected to Wendler himself, the creator of of the Wendler 5/3/1 program. This app may deviate from the program. App Support If you experience issues with Wendler 5/3/1 Log workout app or have suggestions to improve it, we'd love to hear from you! Just contact us from the app by going to the Help Center > Feedback / Get Help. Permissions - Internet to send error reports - Photos/media/files to share your workouts - Vibration to alert you when the rest timer is finished - In-app purchases to unlock extra features

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