WiFi Manager

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In short

WiFi Manager is a free Android app from Kostya Vasilyev. It is suitable for newbies.


It is one of the very few truly outstanding apps on Google Play

The Wifi connectivity is Awesome and Powerful

Easy to understand even for newbies

Thank you for making this app

Clear presentation of information

Saves me the trouble of logging into employer's wifi everyday

The only issue I've found is in the radar mode

Useful options for size

Useful configurables

This is the best app I've bought in a long time

So I am forced to uninstall the app

My buildin android wifi manager is bad

I think its a fake app


Find, connect, manage WiFi networks. Improve connection quality with a graphical channel radar. Discover open networks around you. Set the app to scan for and switch to best network. Includes home screen widgets: one displays detailed connection info, another lets you switch among your favorite networks with a single tap, and yet another toggles WiFi Access Point. Can scan for and switch to the best network out of several configured. New and improved: • Improvements in "best network switcher"for 5Ghz specifically. • Updated for Android 6. • "Material design"widgets (version 3.5). • A UI redesign (version 3.0): modern looking icons, swiping between list and radar views. • Assign your own descriptions and icons to individual WiFi networks - never forget what that "XYZ1234"network is; • Switch among your favorite networks with a single tap by using the WiFi Network Switcher widget. It will even enable WiFi if needed. • "Best network"to switch between different networks you may have around the house or office (off by default, enable in app settings); • Automatic switching between fixed and dynamic (DHCP) IP addresses (Android Settings in 2.* can't do this); Some features require that you purchase the $1.75 premium package, available right in the application through Google Checkout (safe, secure). These features are: advanced per-network options (description, icon, IP address), the one-tap network widget, and two widget themes inspired by Android 5.* (Material Design, since version 3.5). All the other - essential - features are free: the widget with detailed connection info (four sizes, two free themes), scanning and connecting to networks, the network list view, the network signal radar. Orders are processed and saved by Google and can be reactivated after a phone reset / flash, or on a new phone. About requested permissions: "Change system settings"is needed to switch between fixed and dynamic IP addresses, if configured so. "Prevent phone from sleeping"is needed so you can enable automatic scanning and discover open networks around you. "Read USB storage"for notifications about open networks, when enabled, and the sound file is picked from the memory card. "Market billing service"is needed to make purchases. ••• If you have an issue or a question, please contact me at (email is also shown in the about box and below). •••

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