Wing Chun Kung Fu: SLT

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In short

Wing Chun Kung Fu: SLT is an art app for Android made by Sakari Games. This is a great app for beginners. It helps to hear pronunciations.


This is a fantastic app for beginners

It would be nice to hear the pronunciations

Two thumbs up for being unlike any martial art app on this market

Work perfectly on all samsung galaxy phones and tablets

Good level of detail in how to perform the movements

I'm a newbie to Wing Chun so this app is freakin awesome

It has great graphics and easy step by step

Great insights into the most important form in Wing Chun

The design and how the app works are brilliant

I recommend this app to all Wing Chun beginners

Please refund again second attempt uninstall reinstall not working

When you FIX the pixel problem email me

The screen goes black and back to my home page

Buggy Poor quality Video does not appear as shown


The Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu : Siu Lim Tao app is the must have application for all Wing Chun practitioners. Featuring a motion captured Siu Lim Tao performed by Grand Master Samuel Kwok. The app includes detailed information about the Sui Lim Tao and is presented with stunning real time 3D graphics. features: - Zoom pan and rotate a highly detailed moving 3D GM Samuel Kwok - Covers entire Siu Lim Tao - Detailed information about all hand positions in Siu Lim Tao - Option to see the motion captured movements in slow motion. - Possibility to scrub the animation in real-time . please be patient for screen will remain black for several moments when loading the motion capture data.

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