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In short

Writeaday - Journal, Diary, Timeline is a free journal app for Android made by Appaday Labs. It helps to support good work.


So far my favorite simple journaling app

Would definitely recommend as a daily journal app

Best online diary app for Android I've ever found

Hands down the best way I've found to record a bit about each day

Love supporting good work and regular updates

Such a simple but unique and interesting concept

I love the colourful interface and its unique simplicity most of all

Pleasant and simple interface and really pushed me to write

It relieves my stress after a long day

Thanks for the help and amazing app

It now crashes every time I try to restore my previous entries

Back up and restore working again without crashing

Then it brings up a blank white window after


A journal as modern in its looks as it is in its functionality. *Voted Top 10 Android Apps of February 2017* ( Concept Hi, we're Aday Labs. We built Writeaday because we wanted to quickly jot down notes in a journal throughout the day. We didn't want to spend 30 minutes at the end of the day to write, and we definitely didn't want a bland interface for our colorful thoughts. When we first experimented with journaling, we noticed something. For each day that we wrote in our journal, we felt less turbulent in our minds. It felt like keeping a diary was clearing our minds and giving order to the chaos of thoughts and emotions that we sometimes find ourselves lost in. We believe a journal can have a unique place in our lives - to give us a sense of catharsis; to take a load off our shoulders. When you're writing in Writeaday, you'll notice each weekday is a different gradient. It's not random. Each day is for 1 color of the rainbow - your weekly rainbow. It will motivate you to write more just so the colors fill more of that gradient. We've taken the extremely effective concept of "keeping a streak"and turned it into a color gradient form. Focus If you've been to a yoga class, you might recall the instructor asking you to set an intention. It's an aim or purpose you would like to commit to. In Writeaday, you can open up a side drawer to add your daily focus. Just commit to one thing. Tim Ferriss taught us to ask the question, "What is one thing that would make today great?"You can call it a journal or a diary, but in the end it's all just some way to Write (about) aday .

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