Avia Weather - METAR & TAF

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In short

Avia Weather - METAR & TAF is a free Android app developed by Remy Webservices. This is a good app to glean quick overview.


Awesome quick look at aviation weather

Great format and I particularly like having history available

Excellent app for flight planning

I am liking this app for aviation weather more and more

And the added colour is great for gleaning a quick overview

I use it regularly for flight planning

Excellent app for checking actual weather conditions around the world

Lists all saved airports together for ease to look through

Great for quick updates on TAFs and METARS for frequently used fields

Great job and thank you


The reliable and straightforward Aviation Weather app for Pilots and aerospace enthusiasts. The METAR-Reader decodes and presents the current METARs of more than 9500 Airports around the globe. Neither more nor less. A simple Color Coding allows a fast classification by VFR or IFR Conditions - as an option even by NATO Color State. Additionally the current TAF weather forecasts are retrieved and displayed clearly in a decoded form. A Widget which can be configured to display either decoded METAR or raw METAR / TAF is also available. New weather stations can be found worldwide by ICAO or IATA-Codes, airport name or city. They can be organized in user defined groups - e. g. for your most common routes or alternate airports. Additionally an auto-managed group always presents nearby weather stations.

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