Chakra Meditation

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In short

Chakra Meditation is a free Android app from PANAGOLA.


It's a good guide which can help you in the Chakra Meditation

Very helpful for chakra meditation

And Time Management develops skill

Mind calm ness very refreshing and hole body regenesis

The mantra session seems good

As a beginner to chakra meditation

Thank You Very Much To All My Guru Parampara n PANAGOLA

Great for recovery im medical assistant

Incredible tool for meditation

Very relaxing after a long day of work

Problem with news alerts will not open all settings are correct

Constantly asked to rate this app before image a chance to try it

Sounds not really that relaxing very hard sounds

Not a very detailed app


A simple, no non-sense, lightweight but complete tool to help anybody who would like to practice Chakra or Solfeggio Meditation. Detailed information on Chakras is provided as well as meditation technique to help beginners. Apart from all the Chakra mantras, it also is a tone generator for various chakra related Solfeggio, Tantra and Musical binaural frequencies . It is highly-configurable and includes reporting functions. Chakra Meditation involves using sound vibrations to improve the balance and flow of vital energy in our body. A smooth flow of vital energy leads to good mental and physical health. The resonant tones target 7 vital nodes along the spinal chord that is associated with various behaviors and imbalances. These time-tested sounds and frequencies will: Help you meditate Relax your mind and body Cure sleep disorders Help quit bad habits Rectify body imbalances Improve mental & physical health The app features Binaural Tones that are know to be highly effective in generating brain waves similar to sleep, dreams, meditation etc. Typical brain waves are of very low frequencies that are not directly audible by human ear. Binaural beats is a technique of supplying slightly differing tones to each of the ears, to cause the brain to internally generate these inaudible frequencies. It is the same technique used for inducing sleep, trance or self-hypnosis. To use this powerful feature, enable it in Settings and listen through head phones . FEATURES Full-featured, no in-app or buy requirements Lot of configuration options (counts, bell, auto exit etc.) Capable of generating binaural tones Detailed information on all chakras provided Play mantras & tones endlessly or a fixed amount Meditation training instructions for beginners Handy reporting features to track and analyse your meditation Capable of playing audio in the background Pauses chant on receiving phone calls Sort and hide chakras to make custom meditation routines Can play with screen off and does not drain battery Provides chakra info in Hindi as well Small install size and requires no special device permissions

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