Designer City: building game

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In short

Designer City: building game is a free fuun game for Android made by Sphere Game Studios. It helps to use interface.


Addicting but how the airplane fly from my city port

Fuun Game and would recommend it for anyone who loves Building Games

This is the most addictive and best city building game

The best game I've played in my phone

Its a great time killer

The best game for kill time

Best city building game

Awesome support and customer service

Easy to use interface

But still want a good city simulator

Unfair everything I tried for 5 days to increase happiness but no


The year is 2050 and the world's population is at breaking point. A remote undeveloped island has recently been discovered and you are responsible for constructing a new town there and developing it into a large and thriving city. DESIGN AND BUILD A CITY To build a successful city you will need to attract residents to the island by building houses and skyscrapers for them to live in. They will need jobs so you will also construct commercial and industrial buildings where they can work. Add in multiple city services, leisure and community buildings, parks and decorations to keep your new residents happy and content in their new city. Happy sims will work harder and create more income for you to spend building and improving your city. Manage large transport networks to keep your citizens moving both day and night. Build large seaports and huge airports to increase industry and travel. MANAGE YOUR CITY Suitable for all ages and all experience levels, Designer City is unique amongst all city building games due to the two ways you can play it. You can play it as a regular city builder and just design a fabulous city or use the inbuilt advanced analytics to optimise your city - down to an individual building level. The more advanced city builders can apply town zoning principles, manage pollution levels, efficiently deploy city services and optimise city resources to increase city happiness and maximise city revenue. Keep it as simple as you like or be a tycoon and micromanage building your city and keeping your sims happy; the choice is yours. REDESIGN AND EVOLVE YOUR CITY Dynamic land generation ensures no two cities will ever look the same and you can manipulate the land as you progress. Want a river flowing through your city? No problem, just create one. Want to create a commercial powerhouse? No problem, zone a downtown area and build massive skyscrapers. Want to create a carbon-neutral city? No problem, use green power stations and carbon-offset with buses, trains, parks, lakes and forests. With non-scripted game play you have the creative freedom to build your city your way. The only limitation is your imagination. DESIGNER CITY FEATURES FREE to play Does not require an internet connection to play Full freedom to design the city the way you want it Huge playing area to build your city on Play your city during the day and continue building at night Intuitive drag and drop building interface Non-scripted game play Helpful city advisers give you real time warnings and important information Dynamic land generation (coastlines, lakes, rivers and trees) Receive daily bonuses and weekly presents 400+ high quality photo-realistic buildings Add famous landmark buildings to your city Build road and rail networks with bridges Build massive seaports and customised airports Earn free gold 60 challenges and 250 achievements to complete 1,000 levels of progression Visit and compete with other cities from around the world Play against your Facebook friends Get your city to the top of multiple leader boards Manage city services and resources Micro manage and optimise your city (if you want to) Every building is upgradable and movable once built Overview your entire city and easily see areas of low happiness, high pollution or without critical services coverage Play on either tablet or phone. You can also play simultaneously on multiple devices if linked via Facebook – even to your iPad Low detail setting for smooth game play on older devices Play again and again with a city reset feature and watch a new landscape dynamically generate for you If you love building games then this is the building game for you. Happy designing. Note: Designer City can be played completely free. Some completely optional in-game items, such as purchasing game currency, will require payment.

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