Dice With Buddies™ Free - The Fun Social Dice Game

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In short

Dice With Buddies™ Free - The Fun Social Dice Game is a free dice game for Android created by Scopely. And this is a perfect way to meet new people.


I love playing this game have a lot of different options to play

A great yahtzee game

Addictive and very fun plus you get to meet new people

My only complaint is how easy it is to start a unwanted games

Really nice implementation of the classic dice game

Love to challenge all the different people

Thank you for fixing the game

Easy to connect with friends

Good way to pass the time

My most favorite game

Too much jumping to add web sites

Was good until they smashed you with ads after every farkin turn

I just scratched of 15 and won only 1 bonus roll

Way too slow having to wait for your turn

Must get paid let showing of add and not let click

Stop giving scratchers also since nearly never is a bonus roll won

I keep getting a mismatched error that makes you roll again

Doesn't show the proper results earned

And even harder to play causes it is always freezing up

They refuse to help you unless you let them go through your phone


Dice with Buddies puts a new spin on one of your classic dice game by letting you play multiplayer board games for free with friends, family, or random opponents—share the fun whether they're sitting next to you or thousands of miles away! Play the exhilarating board game from the same account on any Android tablet or phone! Board games are now even easier and more exciting to play with brand new Custom Dice, improved interface, Biggest Winner events and premium tournaments! Roll the dice with all your friends in a fun new social board game experience! How to Play Dice with Buddies: Dice with Buddies is a dice game where players need to score as many points as possible, by rolling five dice to make different combinations. This free dice game consists of 13 rounds with the scorecard having 13 categories. In each round, you can roll the dice up to three times and choose which scoring category is to be used for that round. Once a category has been used in the game, it cannot be used again. To get the best dice score, a player would have to had rolled five-of-a-kind and scores 50 points; the highest of any category. The winner is the player who scores the most points. This dice game has also been referred to as Poker Dice since there combinations such as Full house, Three of a Kind, Four of a Kind, Small Straight, Large Straight that resembles that of Poker. If you love Yathzee, Yatzy and Farkle you would love Dice with Buddies! Play this classic dice game with your friends and family prepare to have fun! ===Dice With Buddies Features=== Board Games with Buddies! Multiplayer Games and More: • Dice Master Showdown! Beat the Dice Masters for huge XP and bonus roll prizes! • Dice tournaments give you a new thrilling challenge each day! Dice Game Bonuses • Play the in-game scratchers to win bonus dice rolls • Activate a bonus roll to get an extra boost right when you need it Social Games with Friends • Multiplayer games with random opponents • Chat room in the game - joke and heckle with your opponents! • Play with friends and family through Facebook Dice Game Customization: • Personalize your experience with CUSTOM DICE! • Level up your frames by earning Achievements! Fans of card games and fun social experiences will LOVE Dice with Buddies! Addictive games with friends await in Dice with Buddies! Download today and roll the dice on your Android device!

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