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In short

Gentle Alarm is an Android alarm app from mobitobi. It is suitable for students. It is a great way to customize snoozes.


By far the best alarm app

This app is a fantastic alarm app

Still my favorite alarm clock app

I absolutely love this alarm app

Finally an alarm app that you can customize EVERYTHING

Many thanks for creating such a great app

Very great alarm clock

This is the best alarm clock I've ever tried on Android

Gentle Alarm has all this with more and a great set of options

The best alarm clock hands down

So I don't understand why gentle alarm haven't sorted it as well

This app is also sluggish to react while the alarm is going off

No way to remove home screen messages

Developer said they would fix the lollipop issues in a few days

It doesn't rely on sleep detection

Not the next alarm and certainly not the battery status

Pressing the three dot menu button does nothing

I previously gave this app a poor review

And reinstalling and without restoring the previous settings

I tried to get my money back but guess what no go


*** Free TRIAL version available. *** ** Buyers within the European Union: 19% VAT will be added to the sales price ** Languages: Български, Česky, Danske, Deutsch, English, Français, Magyar, Italiano, Nederlands, Norsk, Polski, Português (do Brasil), Русский, 中文(简体) Full explanation of all permissions given below. - most feature rich alarm clock on the market - full Lollipop integration - you can automatically activate Lollipop's new "priority"mode with the night display - you can decide if alarms should also ring in Lollipop's new "no interruptions"mode (by default off) - on newer devices, use can use Google Voice "set alarm at 7am"or "remind me to buy milk at 10am"- speech input and output - choose own colors, font size, backgrounds - night display with customizable font color and size - flashlight - dock support - tries to you wake you up during light sleep (optional, see below) - mp3, ringtones, playlists, folders, internet radio, can create own playlists by choosing an artist or genre... - uses own media player for super-gentle fade-in of music - silent alarm with slowly increasing vibration - large button mode for users with glasses - flip to snooze, shake to dismiss - puzzle or math tests if you are awake - Tasker and SleepBot support An alarm clock shouldn't shell-shock you out of your dreams. That's why I created Gentle Alarm which tries to wake you up during light sleep using an optional pre-alarm. Alarm clocks can't know if you are in light sleep or deep sleep (those movement based alarm clock don't work) but they can play a very quiet pre-alarm which you will only hear if you are in light sleep. If you are in deep sleep, you will simply sleep through the pre-alarm. The pre-alarm plays 30min before you really want to get up (you can change that). If the pre-alarm wakes you up, you will be more refreshed than if you had slept until the main alarm because at that time you would have fallen back into deep sleep. Give it a try and I am sure you won't want to miss it anymore. Of course, the app has all the usual features of a great alarm clock: It can switch to a night display automatically when docking the phone. It can automatically shorten the snooze time with each time you press snooze. It can automatically create playlists of your favorite artist or genre. And it allows you to change colors, fonts, and backgrounds. PERMISSIONS: * RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: So it can activate an alarm after you reboot the phone. After reboot, all alarms of all apps are cancelled by default. * WAKE_LOCK: So the phone can stay on while playing an alarm or while displaying the night display. * DISABLE_KEYGUARD: When the alarm rings, you don't have to unlock the phone to be able to turn the alarm off. * VIBRATE: obvious * WRITE_SETTINGS: It adjusts some system settings such as airplane mode, silent mode, etc. * WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: It logs some data on your SD card. * READ_PHONE_STATE: So it can turn off the alarm when the phone rings and prevent an alarm from ringing while you are talking on the phone. * READ_LOGS: So you can send me debug data (if you choose to) * INTERNET: So that I can display ads (trial version only). Also, if the app crashes, it offers to send me a debug report directly to my servers. The app will politely ask you if you want to send that data or not. If you do, it needs an internet connection. If not, it doesn't but I still need the permission in the app because you may want to send the debug data.

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