Mens Health Fitness Trainer

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In short

Mens Health Fitness Trainer is a free Android fitness app developed by Rodale-Motor-Presse. This is a good app to do workouts.


But this app motivates me to do workouts and exercise

Best fitness app I've used

Very good collection of workouts

Great workouts to take on gym day

Great description on all disciplines of a total body workout plan

This is one of the best workout apps I've used

Bery easy to use unlike other similar apps

The app provides good exercise followed by a decent short video

But still a great app

Great stuff can feel it afterwards

Cannot get past the second step to upload my information

Cannot update settings

Says no Internet connection

Bring back the old app this one is too intrusive


The Men’s Health Fitness Trainer supports and motivates you to effectively reach your personal fitness target. No matter whether you want to lose weight or gain a sixpack, broad chest, strong arms, wide back or muscles all over your body. The mobile personal trainer has the right training plans, workouts and exercises for all goals. - Our tip: Download the app and get training! - The Free Version alone gives you access to more than 500 workouts and 1000 exercises, including videos and step-by-step training instructions. Discover all training contents on the Explore page and get inspired by the most population training plans and workouts as well as our individual recommendations. Upgrading to the EXPERT version gives you full access to all training plans including practical training and nutritional tips for different workout goals. All planned units are saved in a helpful calendar - so that you never miss a training session. Want to train flexibly? No problem! Simply put together your own tailored workout based on the exercises and workouts and keep an eye on your training success using detailed statistics. FREE: An overview of the free version Unlimited access to 500 workouts and 1000 exercises Personalized recommendations based on your fitness targets Access to helpful weekly statistics Synchronization with other devices (e.g. smartphone and tablet) EXPERT: An overview of your fitness flat rate Unlimited access to 500 workouts and 1000 exercises Access to all goal-oriented training plans more than 100 fitness videos in HD quality Personalized recommendations based on your fitness targets Access to helpful weekly, monthly and annual statistics Edit all workouts in the Workout Creator Create your own workouts in the Workout Creator Send workout plans as PDF to print them out Synchronization with other devices (e.g. smartphone and tablet) Create personal favorites No banner advertising The FITNESS FLAT RATE for the EXPERT version of the Men’s Health Fitness Trainer - available from £ 0,28 per week! 1 month EXPERT: £ 2,29 3 months EXPERT: £ 4,99 12 months EXPERT: £ 14,99 What are you waiting for? Download it now! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For technical reasons, we cannot respond to comments or questions in the GooglePlay reviews. But we are happy to answer any questions you may have on our support forum: Our privacy statement is available here: Our GTCs are available here:

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