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MileIQ - Mileage Tracker is a free Android mileage app from Mobile Data Labs, Inc. It is a great way to think about mileage.


MileIQ is an effective tool to document trips for business purposes

Ability to organize different trips

Love it for tracking business miles

Love it for tracking business mileage

Great for taking mileage for tax records

Very user friendly and hoping it makes tax prep so much easier

Makes my tax filing easier on car aspect

Without a long message this app is extremely accurate

This app is a life saver

This is the easiest and best performing mileage app I have found

Keep getting false trips reported while just sitting in my own room

Waste of precious time and trips lost when I forgot

First time it had a connection error

It doesn't work and I haven't been able to get any help

There is no way to reverse your accidental category

Tried updating an nothing

Shame but not practical to pay that a month

Tapping the screen opens the map view

MileIQ fails to detect ALL drives

Don't understand why it does not record street address


MileIQ is an automatic mileage tracker that will have you ditching a paper log in favor of convenience and greater accuracy. People who need to log miles for business, or for personal reasons like for tax relief, download MileIQ to save time and money. MileIQ is a free app that automatically tracks miles every time you drive your car. Simply get going in your vehicle and take advantage of tracking that records every mile, and is accurate down to the fraction of a mile.

 With MileIQ, you don’t need to remember to fill in start and stop times on your log, and you don’t have to keep track of tons of paperwork. This free app for personal or business use takes advantage of smart drive-detection technology, with a built-in GPS, to log miles and even calculate their value.
 Create Automatic Mileage Logs It’s easy to create miles logs that are compliant with the HMRC guidelines and that are simple to turn in to your business expenses team. As you finish your car ride, you can swipe to categorize a drive as personal or business related. This makes it simple to keep track of different expenses classifications, all within the same app. 

Improve Your Budget One of the best free apps in the Google Play store, MileIQ helps you turn your miles into reimbursements and improvements in your budget. There are no complicated forms necessary to track miles with MileIQ. You just need to keep the tracker on and let it work for your many needs. Claim Miles for Personal or Business There are many reasons why one would want to claim miles driven in a personal or business vehicle. Some people write off miles spent using a personal car for business. Others need to be reimbursed for mileage associated with sales calls. MileIQ is a free app that helps you account for miles, reduce expenses, and see a jump in your budget by logging data needed for mileage reports.


 How exactly does MileIQ work for you? The following free features are included when you download MileIQ: • Downloadable mileage tracking spreadsheet
 • Printable miles log 
• Detects drives and logs them automatically
 • Calculates drive distances and values
 • Auto-syncs drive data (in miles or kilometers form)
 • Stores comprehensive driving history
 • Sends regular drive reports MileIQ Gives You Control

 MileIQ is one of the best free Android apps. It gives you complete control of your mileage tracking without making you do any work. 

Here’s how to make the most of MileIQ: • Categorise drives with a single right swipe 
• Program work hours to auto-categorise your business drives
 • Manage car profiles with customised odometer readings 
• Add parking fees, road toll info, vehicle data, and notes 
• Create drives and edit them when you need to
 • Export vehicle and drive data to Concur, FreshBooks, or a mileage tracker spreadsheet (CSV or PDF) 

Download MileIQ for free today!


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