My Diary

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In short

My Diary is a free Android diary app from Created4each. It is suitable for others. It is a great way to show feelings.


This is a great app really easy to use it even keeps your login dates

This is the best diary app I've ever had and the emojs are good

Thanks for making this app

I love this diary app

I also love the gift Idea too

Thanks for making this great apps

The emojis are a great way to show my feelings

Customization are good compared to others

It's really a great experience

Keep up the good work

Always showing runtime error and then end application



Talk crap about the people I hate

I kept receiving a message stating the pin was sent to my email

I am going to uninstall it


How do you see the world? What would you want to remember for a long time? Write it down! Create your own diary! Do you have lots of thoughts every day? Would you like to keep them just for yourself? Do you use a paper notes on a regular basis? Organize your thoughts and your life in your notes that you always have with you. Write them down to My Diary, draw conclusions, solve problems and make decisions. Or perhaps you are experiencing an incredible adventure? First love? Starting a new stage in life? Create memories by writing them down to your notes and enjoy every moment. Your diary will let you go back to them whenever you want. My diary is much more than an ordinary diary. Your daily matters and secrets are protected using a password Your photos and videos Your emotions expressed with emoticons Personalised appearance It is only your world You do not have to write in a notes, you can use a voice recorder. Do you need time to relax? You can write down in the notes when listening to music. Your secrets are safe as ever. Are you ready? Write it down in the diary!

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