My Money Tracker

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In short

My Money Tracker is a free Android app developed by NikoApp. This is a good app to track money.


Really the best app for tracking your money

Looking forward to some great changes to a great App

Keep up the good work

The more groups the more accurate


The best money tracker application! It will track your finances in very easy and efficient way to keep your wallet in good shape. Application provides intuitive intergace which always contain all what your need in one touch. Define your accounts, income/expense groups, report transactions and track your money with rich budget planning and reporting functionality. "If you need an easy visual tool to help you keep on top of things - MyMoneyTracker is exactly that"by Best Personal Budget Tools Tech Life - Samsung "this feature-rich finance tool will help anyone and everyone stay on top of their money"by AndroidAppsReview Main features: - Data Synchronization between multiple devices - Multiple accounts - Support multiple currencies - Transfer money between accounts - Flexible budget planning - Budget and Balance Widgets - Alerting - Multiple groups/subgroups - Rich one touch money income/expense reports - Quick transactions report - Ability to Backup/Restore data - Quick Start Guide - Tablet layout support - Greatest performance - Password Protection - Multi-language support - Dropbox integration - Location-based transactions report

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