Paladins: Text Adventure RPG

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In short

Paladins: Text Adventure RPG is a free Android rpg game from Delight Games. It is suitable for developers. It is a great way to see more stories.


It's creative and reminds me of old choose your own adventure books

A delightful throw back to choice books of yesteryear

Excellent text based rpg game

One of my best app purchases to date

Will replay and donate to developers for an awesome experience

This text adventure is incredible

I think this might be the best text adventure I've ever had

Would love to see more stories

Difficult yet satisfying and even heart pounding

Awesome game thus far


A text adventure RPG where YOU play the characters in a medieval fantasy novel! The story is set in the rich world of Dezrel created by author David Dalglish. You play several different characters including a Paladin of Ashhur, a wolf-man pack leader, a scrappy farmer, and more! Put yourself into the shoes of the characters and watch the story unfold, but be careful what choices you make. Death is always near. 64 chapters of adventure, over 100 achievements, and TONS of interesting choices. And it's all free. Sweet, sweet, freedom. This interactive novel is based on David Dalglish's Paladins Series of fantasy novels. Mr. Dalglish has partnered with Delight Games to "gamify"his novel. As far as we know, this is the first time a traditional novel has been gamified like this. Download it and be among the first to experience a novel in this novel way. ;) Reading made addictive!

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