Talking Alarm Clock

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In short

Talking Alarm Clock is a free best alarm app for Android made by Mirolunapp. This is a great app for kids. It helps to dismiss alarm.


This is literally the BEST Alarm App i have ever used

It an awesome app you should get it for your kids or yourself

It works better than the alarm clock that was already on my phone

One suggestion is to allow you to dismiss an alarm for that day

Very very beautiful app in our family all loved this app

This lets me get my ADHD family out the door ON TIME every morning

It's a good app for myself for waking up in morning

That would be another great feature one can use

This app is soo useful and I don't get to wake up late

Customisable message is a good idea

My voice recording has poor sound quality

Its ok but wont work when ur phone switched off

The prerecorded voice is not English sounding


The first alarm clock that says what you want!!! Wake up with your own voice or the voice of the person you love with the record vocal function or set your "personalized sentence"and talking alarm clock will use it to wake you up. Moreover Talking Alarm Clock tells you the current time! To snooze the alarm you can simply shake the phone. Talking alarm clock is further provided with large snooze button to prevent you from accidentally turning off the alarm. **** If the "Talking Alarm Clock"doesn't work, try to do this in your phone: Go to "Setting"-> "Voice input and output"-> "Text to speech setting"->"Install voice data" ***** **** Conflicts with other programs: - Task Manager If you use Taskmanagers apps such as "Advanced Task Killer"you must put "Talking AlarmClock"on the exclusion list (ignore list) since these tools can kill the alarm service used by "Talking AlarmClock"compromising functionality.

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