Weather 14 days Pro

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In short

Weather 14 days Pro is a weather app for Android created by tiempo.com. And this is a perfect way to check radar.


Lots of great weather detail in a nice Material layout

Excellent accuracy in weather forecast

Very accurate weather forecast for Spain

Comes in handy for when I want to check the radar for cloud cover

Brilliant Accurate and Cheap Weather App

This is the nicest looking weather app I have seen

Good summary information and plenty of detail to drill down to

Good weather information nicely presented

Map forecast is also good

This is a lovely simple app that does the job well

Sort this inaccurate predictions guesswork

Cheap purchase price doesn't necessarily mean that it is not good

With lots of flooding but the weather forecast is currently cloudy

Weather forecast is the worst I've ever seen

Worst source for weather forecast and current weather I have tried

Disappointing the Aussie weather is inaccurate

Adverts and additional lock screen on top of my own hated it

Inaccurate temperature prediction

The most rubbish weather predictions avaliable here

It gives you bogus temperature notifications


WHITOUT ADS!!! Weather 14 days is the official app of yourweather.co.uk. With the latest weather information for the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. Featuring detailed 14 day forecasts, maps, satellites and radar. Compatible with any Android smartphone or tablet. The app features a modern layout based around Google’s Material Design making it very quick and easy to use. CUSTOMIZATION - Customize the app with your favorite UK locations like London, Brighton, Bristol, Manchester...or foreign cities such as Barcelona, Paris, New York… We have over 250,000 locations all around the world for you to choose from. - Use WIFI or GPS to find forecasts relevant to your current location. - Customize your smartphone with our widgets, display temperature or rainfall information in your notification bar and select your preferred units such as Celsius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin. - Download the app for free and access the latest high quality forecasts. Use the app to integrate with Google Now and receive Google Now cards featuring our weather data. FORECAST - Check the daily forecast screen to see current weather conditions along with the main forecast information for the next 14 days. Browse between your favorite locations with a simple swipe of your finger and remember...the background colour of the app changes depending on temperature conditions. - Select a day to view detailed hourly weather information including temperature, rainfall, humidity, pressure, wind speed and direction as well as sunrise and sunset times and even the phase of the moon. - Don’t forget to try turning your smartphone sideways for the best view of our informative weather graphics. WARNINGS AND NOTIFICATIONS - Check the latest weather warnings for England, Spain, France, Portugal, Netherlands, Italy and Germany. - Receive optional notifications relating to weather warnings in the regions of your favorite locations without the need to open the app. MAPS, RADARS AND SATELLITES - Check our animated forecast maps detailing temperature, rainfall, cloudiness and pressure for the UK along with the rest of the world. - Watch animated Radar maps detailing recent and current rainfall with information provided by the Met Office. These maps feature standard pinch/zoom capability allowing you to zoom in and out smoothly. - View the latest weather satellite images provided by Sat24 and EUMETSAT. WIDGETS - Once you’ve installed Weather 14 days why not customize your Mobile Desktop with our great looking widgets. Get the current conditions updated hourly along with the forecast for the following days - Choose between three widget sizes: 4x1, 4x2 and 2x2 ( Clock Widget ). SHARE - Share weather information with your friends and family anytime using social networks sites like WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. AVAILABILITY - App available for United Kingdom, USA, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Brazil, Australia, Russia and many more. - Available languages include English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Hindi, Romanian, Turkish, Italian etc…

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