AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker

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In short

AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker is a free app for Android created by Myrecek. And this is a perfect way to record drinks.


Well constructed and easy to use for quick data entry

Best BAC tracker out there

Super easy to use and really quick to record drinks

It still is helpful for me to see the log

An awesome way to get an idea on of you are good to go or not

Brings home dangers such as drinking quickly

But also great range of ways to to see the data

Would like to have a transparent widget

Well worth the money to support the app developer

Having an account with cloud storage would be great


AlcoDroid is an alcohol consumption tracker, drinks diary and blood alcohol content calculator. AlcoDroid helps you get a better handle of what you drink and change your drinking habits. Optionally it also tracks costs of your drinks. AlcoDroid also provides an estimate of your blood alcohol content (BAC) based on the drinks you've logged, plots your BAC development in a chart and indicates when you get below the legal limit or back to sobriety. Widgets are available to display your current BAC on the home screen. Named a Top Alcoholism App of 2015 in Healthline: AlcoDroid also allows you to: - show, edit and export your drink logbook - chart your drinking habits daily, weekly or monthly - display and export daily, weekly and monthly alcohol consumption statistics - set your drinking goal (e.g. 21 standard drinks per week, SD/w) and see how your drinking matches the goal - setup your own list of "drink presets"to log your drinks fast - pin the most frequently used drinks to the main screen to log your drinks by two clicks - share your status and BAC chart on Facebook, by e-mail etc Supports US, imperial and metric units. Alcohol intake can be displayed in standard drinks (US, UK, CA, AU), grams or milliliters per week or day. For feedback and support, visit AlcoDroid on Facebook.

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