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In short

CLZ Music - Music Database is a free Android android app developed by This app is recommended for friends and music collectors. This is a good app to track data.


This app is great for cataloging your collection

It's also nice to have my collection at my fingertips

The best way I've found to take my collection info everywhere I go

This is the ideal solution for my huge collection

This is the best and easiest to use music collection organizer

Invaluable when shopping especially if you have a large collection

The Android App works like a charm

The barcode scan and search functions are quick and easy

Truly the best apps for collectors of music

So easy to use and easy access to all of your collection

This leaves inputting incorrect date info

I can't even find the help button

Not much of Info entries

Deletes albums randomly

It says the same thing it did last update

Got tired of buying duplicate albums


Catalog your music collection (CDs or vinyl). Note: This free download is a demo, limited to 100 albums. Unlock the full app for US $15 (no database limits). Auto-download full album details from our Core online music database * Artist, Title, label, release year, genre, etc... * Full song title lists, track lengths and cover images Quickly add CDs and vinyl to your music database... * by scanning CD barcodes with your device camera * or by searching our Core database for vinyl by artist and title Optional: Sign-up for a free CLZ Account and use the CLZ Cloud to: * Make an online backup of your music collection database. * Synch data between devices (e.g. phone and tablet). * Transfer your unlocked database limit across devices. * Synch data to/from the Music Collector desktop software (separate purchase). FREE TO DOWNLOAD, unlock to No Limits for US $15 ========================================= Download CLZ Music for free now and try it for yourself! The free download allows a database size of 100 albums. Unlock the app to an unlimited database size for US $15. NOTE: this is a one-time purchases, not a monthly or yearly fee! QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS ? Come talk with us! ========================================= We are here to help. Either to answer your questions or to respond to your feedback / concerns. Just contact us using the little "?"button inside the app (top right). That way, we can have a conversation, answer your questions, solve your problems, fix the bugs you found, etc... We love talking to our users, as it helps us improve the apps :-) OTHER ANDROID APPS BY COLLECTORZ.COM ================================ Do you also collect movies, comics, books or games? Then check out our other Android apps, just search the Play Store for "CLZ".

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