Klara weather

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In short

Klara weather is a free glance app for Android made by Androworks. This is a great app for developers. It helps to read joy.


Excellent weather app with informative forecast graph

I wish every android app was so clean and efficient

Weather app that quickly delivers with a fantastic UI and minimal ads

Useful Thanks for developers

Perfect for a quick overall look at three day weather

Very clean easy on the eyes design

The perfect weather app

Simple interface which makes reading a joy

A very good weather app

Klara is a pretty handy weather app


Klara shows weather forecast in form of simple and easy to read charts. Klara is great for professionals but thanks to its clarity and simplified design it is perfect for common folk too. * Forecast for any place - data from YR (MET Norway). * Precipitation, temperature, cloud coverage, wind speed and direction, pressure, humidity. * Short-term, long-term forecasts. * Favourite places. * Four color skins. * Widget.

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